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The 3vs3 Tournament is an event that it took place the first time on Friday 13th December evening at 21.00 CET.

It is a PvP tournament where characters of all races, classes and levels can compete without restrictions.

The tournament takes place in the fight of 2 teams of 3 players each. All groups also have a 4th reserve character who can replace one of the team members.

To participate in this tournament you must register your team on the dedicated page on the forum according to the format indicated here.

The main rules of the tournament are:

  • Game Rules have to be respected during the whole duration of the fight;
  • The use of potion is allowed;
  • Animation cancellation for archers is allowed;
  • Running in stealth (Ninjas) for more than 20 seconds is not allowed;
  • Use of group boost (Leadership) is allowed;
  • The same character can not be registered with more than one team (you can use a different Character to join the event with another team);
  • Buffs from players outside the Team party are not allowed;
  • The use of Buffi is not allowed;
  • Spectators disrupting the event will be banned for 24hours;
  • A player who has been killed once can not revive until the fight is over;
  • If the substitute and one of the participants is missing, the fight could be done 2vs3;
  • If the team is not online during the event it will be disqualified;
  • There are no level restrictions, but there won't be any level groups like in Mixed PvP Tournament;
  • The use of mounts and horses during the fights is prohibited;
  • The substitute of the winning team has to be online for the whole duration of the tournament, even if it does not fight, in order to get the reward;
  • There are no class restrictions, it means teams can be composed by two or more fighters with the same class (Example: 3 Suras or 2 Suras and 1 warrior etc.).

The day before the event is set up and posted in this thread.

Every team will meet up at 9:00 pm CET on the 13th of December in Cape Dragon Fire.

All the members from Team A and Team B have to be in a party with their team mates.

There will be a Nova2 team member in each of the parties.

Every single player from Team A has to send duel request to every single player from Team B.

Once the requests are accepted, a team member will say Ready, Set, Go and the fight will start.

The winner of the battle is the first team that reaches 3 wins out of 5 fights.

For the lucky winners the prize will be 2000 NC and a unique costume skin for person.