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The Alchemist can be found in every first city of each kingdom, beside the Elder Alchemist.

Refined Ore

Ores can be refined at the alchemist, they are used on the correspondent accessories and increase the bonuses of the accessories by a certain period of time.

Item Crafting
18900.pngRed Flame Stone 200x 51001.pngEnergy Fragment + 50x 27992.pngWhite Pearl
+ 27993.png50x Blue Pearl + 27994.png50x Blood Pearl + 10.000.000 Gold
50621.pngDiamond 100x 50601.pngDiamond Stone + 2.500.000 gold
50632.pngAmethyst 100x 50612.pngAmethyst Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50628.pngEbony 100x 50608.pngEbony Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50623.pngFossil Wood 100x 50603.pngFossil Trunk + 2.500.000 gold
50626.pngGold 100x 50606.pngGold Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50633.pngHeaven's Tear 100x 50613.pngHeaven's Tear Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50627.pngJade 100x 50607.pngJade Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50631.pngCrystal 100x 50611.pngCrystal Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50624.pngCopper 100x 50604.pngCopper Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50629.pngPearl 100x 50609.pngPiece of Pearl + 2.500.000 gold
50625.pngSilver 100x 50605.pngSilver Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50630.pngWhite Gold 100x 50610.pngWhite Gold Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50634.pngSoul Crystal 100x 50614.pngSoul Crystal Ore + 2.500.000 gold
50635.pngRuby 100x 50615.pngRuby Ore + 15.000.000 gold
50636.pngGarnet 100x 50616.pngGarnet Ore + 15.000.000 gold
50637.pngEmerald 100x 50617.pngEmerald Ore + 15.000.000 gold
50638.pngSapphire 100x 50618.pngSapphire Ore + 15.000.000 gold
50640.pngAzure Gem 100x 50620.pngAzure Ore + 30x 34012.pngAzure Stone + 15.000.000 gold

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