Aqua Dragon (Lv. 75)

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Aqua dragon.png
Aqua Dragon (Lv. 75)
Dragon's Lair is the third and final part of the Grotto of Exile. To reach it you must go the Ghost of a Sura at the end of Grotto of Exile 2.

When fighting the Aqua Dragon, you will see 4 Metin Stones around him. These Stones give the Dragon extra strength. By killing the Stones you can temporarily remove these bonuses. Once a Stone is killed, a random Metin Stone will respawn after 60 seconds. It is possible that two or more Stones of the same type spawn. When this happens, the bonuses will stack.

Picture Metin Bonus
Metin Of Vengeance.jpg Metin of Vengeance Defence
Metin Of Solitude.jpg Metin of Solitude HP Regenerated
Metin Of Mountain.jpg Metin of the Mountain Damage
Metin Of Arrogance.jpg Metin of Arrogance Speed of HP Regeneration

Dungeon Info




27992.png x8 White Pearl
27993.png x6 Blue Pearl
27994.png x4 Blood Pearl
34000.png x6 Solar Blast
34001.png x6 Magical Orb
34002.png x4 Fire Horn
34003.png x4 Ice Horn
34011.png x10 Red Rock
34013.png x10 Rainbow Vial
71052.png x5 Enhance Change Scroll+
80006.png 2-3 Gold Bar (10kk Yang)
Metin of Vengeance
Metin of Solitude
Metin of the Mountain
Metin of Arrogance
Ghost of a Sura