Aqua Dragon (Lv. 80)

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Dragon Lair.png
Aqua Dragon (Lv. 80)
Dragon's Temple is a 3rd part of Grotto of Exile and last. To reach him you must have group and get 3xTwisted Key.png, then bring to the Ghost of a Sura. To fight the Dragon you have to destroy the 4 metins, then the boss spawns!

Dragon's Temple Interactive Map.png

Final Boss Drops
  • 8x 27992.png White Pearl
  • 6x 27993.png Blue Pearl
  • 4x 27994.png Blood Pearl
  • 8x 34001.png Magical Orb
  • 8x 34000.png Solar Blast
  • 15x 34013.png Rainbow Vial
  • 10x 34011.png Red Rock
  • 5x 71052.png Enhance Change Scroll+
  • Setaou Magistrate
  • Setaou Soldier
  • Setaou Archer
  • Setaou Commander
  • Setaou Leader
  • Beran-Setaou
  • Ghost of a Sura