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General Information

With the update on the 6th of February we introduced the Battle Pass.
The battle pass itself is divided in two types: Normalbp.png Free BattlePass and Premiumbp.png Premium BattlePass.
The level limit to complete the free battle pass is level 100 and the premium battle pass can be done from level 1.


Tasks and Rewards

Once you complete the entire Battle Pass you will receive an additional reward (costume set). If you have the Premium Battle pass you will receive a permanent version of the costume set, while the Free Battle Pass will receive a Temporary 60day costume set that is NOT transmutable.

Note: You will only receive a permanent costume set once you finish the entire Premium Battle Pass, NO quest will give you permanent items.

Every time you complete a single task from the battle pass you will be rewarded with the items next to the task.
Every month a new battle pass will be released and you will have time until the last day of the month to complete it and earn the rewards. The Rewars of the Free Battle Pass are tradable and they have a duration of 60 days, but they are not trasmutable.

Information between Premium and Free BattlePasses

If you start the Free Battle Pass and complete few tasks you can still start the Premium Battle Pass, but you will have to remake all the missions again.
If you complete the Free Battle Pass you will not be able to start the Premium one until the next month, so chose wisely which one you would like to complete.

The Premium battle pass will be available for the price of 6000 Nova Coins.

February 2020 Rewards

Image Item
42012.png Legend Outfit(M)
42017.png Legend Outfit(F)
45621.png Legend Hair(M)
45622.png Legend Hair(F)
48048.png Peacock Wings

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March 2020 Rewards

Image Item
42042.png Royal Outfit
45639.png Royal Hair(M))
45640.png Royal Hair(F)
48054.png Royal Wings

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April 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Dark Shadow Outfit.png Dark Shadow Outfit
Dark Shadow Hair(M).png Dark Shadow Hair(M)
Dark Shadow Hair(F).png Dark Shadow Hair(F)
Dark Shadow Wings.png Dark Shadow Wings

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May 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Exotic Costume.png Exotic Costume
Exotic Hair (M).png Exotic Hair (M)
Exotic Hair(F).png Exotic Hair(F)
Exotic Wing.png Exotic Wing

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June 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Pistachio Watcher Costume.png Pistachio Watcher Costume
Pistachio Watcher Hair (M).png Pistachio Watcher Hair (M)
Pistachio Watcher Hair (F).png Pistachio Watcher Hair (F)
Pistachio Watcher Wings.png Pistachio Watcher Wings
Red Watcher Costume.png Red Watcher Costume
Red Watcher Hair (M).png Red Watcher Hair (M)
Red Watcher Hair (F).png Red Watcher Hair (F)
Red Watcher Wings.png Red Watcher Wings

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July 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Blackram General Uniform.png Blackram General Uniform
Blackram General Hair(M).png Blackram General Hair(M)
Blackram General Hair(F).png Blackram General Hair(F)
Blackram General Wings.png Blackram General Wings

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August 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Oathkeeper Outfit.png Oathkeeper Outfit
Oathkeeper Hair(M).png Oathkeeper Hair(M)
Oathkeeper Hair(F).png Oathkeeper Hair(F)
Oathkeeper Wings.png Oathkeeper Wings

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September 2020 Rewards

Image Item
42146.png Noble's Suit
45776.png Noble's Hair(M)
45778.png Noble's Hair(F)
48152.png Noble's Wings

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October 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Light Explorer Wing.png Light Explorer Wing
Light Explorer Robe.png Light Explorer Robe
Light Explorer Hair(M).png Light Explorer Hair(M)
Light Explorer Hair(F).png Light Explorer Hair(F)
Dark Explorer Wing.png Dark Explorer Wing
Dark Explorer Robe.png Dark Explorer Robe
Dark Explorer Hair(M).png Dark Explorer Hair(M)
Dark Explorer Hair(F).png Dark Explorer Hair(F)

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November 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Demon Hunter Wings(Perm.).png Demon Hunter Wings(Perm.)
Demon Hunter Outfit(Permanent).png Demon Hunter Outfit(Permanent)
Demon Hunter Hair(M)(Perm.).png Demon Hunter Hair(M)(Perm.)
Demon Hunter Hair(F)(Perm.).png Demon Hunter Hair(F)(Perm.)

December 2020 Rewards

Image Item
Golden Terminus Wings(Perm.).png Golden Terminus Wings(Perm.)
Golden Terminus Armor(Perm.).png Golden Terminus Armor(Perm.)
Golden Terminus Helmet(Perm.).png Golden Terminus Helmet(Perm.)
Silver Terminus Wings(Perm.).png Silver Terminus Wings(Perm.)
Silver Terminus Armor(Perm.).png Silver Terminus Armor(Perm.)
Silver Terminus Helmet(Perm.).png Silver Terminus Helmet(Perm.)

January 2021 Rewards

Image Item
Solar Knight Mask (Permanent).png Solar Knight Mask (Permanent)
Nocturnal Knight Mask (Permanent).png Nocturnal Knight Mask (Permanent)
Solar Knight Helmet (Perm.).png Solar Knight Helmet (Perm.)
Nocturnal Knight Helmet (Perm.).png Nocturnal Knight Helmet (Perm.)
Solar Knight Outfit (Permanent).png Solar Knight Outfit (Permanent)
Nocturnal Knight Outfit (Permanent).png Nocturnal Knight Outfit (Permanent)

February 2021 Rewards

Image Item
Witcer Plate Mask.png Witcer Plate Mask
Witcher Plate Helmet.png Witcher Plate Helmet
Witcher Wing.png Witcher Wing
Witcher Plate Outfit.png Witcher Plate Outfit

March 2021 Rewards

Image Item
Darkness Shine Costume(Perm).png Darkness Shine Costume(Perm)
Darkness Shine Hood(Perm).png Darkness Shine Hood(Perm)
Darkness Shine Wing(Perm).png Darkness Shine Wing(Perm)
Rainbow Shine Costume(Perm).png Rainbow Shine Costume(Perm)
Rainbow Shine Hood(Perm).png Rainbow Shine Hood(Perm)
Rainbow Shine Wing(Perm).png Rainbow Shine Wing(Perm)

April 2021 Rewards

Image Item
Ghost in Shell Suit(Perm.).png Ghost in Shell Suit(Perm.)
Ghost in Shell Hat(Perm.).png Ghost in Shell Hat(Perm.)
Ghost in Shell Wings(Perm.).png Ghost in Shell Wings(Perm.)