Biologist Quests

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Biologist Quests

You can get these quests from Biologist Chaegirab and Seon-Pyeong.

The quests help to improve your stats and will give other valuabe rewards. There is no Cooldown when delivering the items. You have to finish the previous quest in order to start the next one. You can also use Quest Manager (F7) to accept quests and deliver items through it. But don't forget, you'll still have to go to Baek-Go to receive the rewards!

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Resetting the Lv.92/94 Quest Rewards:

If you chose the wrong bonus for the 92/94 Biologist Quest or happen to hit Esc or get kicked while on the choose a reward screen without accepting which stat reward you want, it defaults to the first option. You will need to purchase Seon-Pyeong Rest ScrollSeon-Pyeongs Rest Scroll.png from the General Store if you want to reset and take a different bonus.

Resetting the Lv.120/125 and 130 Quest Rewards:


Level Quest Search For Reward
20 Special task! Collect plants. Lilac.png Lilac x10 Cobra Outfit (m).png Cobra Outfit (f).pngCobra Outfit (7 days)
25 Special task! Collect herbs. Tue Fungus.png Tue Fungus x10 Cobra Hairstyle (m).png Cobra Hairstyle (f).pngCobra Hairstyle (7 days)
30 The research of the biologist 1 OrcTeeth.png Orc Tooth x10

Jinunggyis Soul Stone.png Jinunggyis Soul Stone

+10% Movement Speed
40 The research of the biologist 2 Curse Book.png Curse Book x15

Temple Soul Stone.png Temple Soul Stone

+5% Attack Speed
50 The research of the biologist 3 Demon's Keepsake.png Demon's Keepsake x15

Sagyis Soul Stone.png Sagyis Soul Stone

+60 Defence
60 The research of the biologist 4 Ice Marble.png Ice Marble x20

Aurtumryus Soul Stone.png Aurtumryus Soul Stone

+50 Attack Value
70 The research of the biologist 5 Zelkova Branch.png Zelkova Branch x25

Gyimoks Soul Stone.png Gyimoks Soul Stone

+10% Movement speed

+10% Damage reduction (not defence)

80 The research of the biologist 6 Tugyi's Tablet.png Tugyi's Tablet x30

Tugyis Soul Stone.png Tugyis Soul Stone

+6% Attack speed

+10% Attack value

85 The research of the biologist 7 Red Ghost Tree Branch.png Red Ghost Tree Branch x40

Forest Spirit Soul Stone.png Forest Spirit Soul Stone

10% Defense against all classes
90 The research of the biologist 8 Notes of the Leader.png Notes of the Leader x50

Soul Stone of Leader.png Leaders Soul Stone

+8% damage against all classes
92 The research of Seon-Pyeong Jewels of Resentment.png Malevolence Jewel x10

Choice between:

  • 1,000 HP
  • 120 Defense
  • 51 Attack Value
94 The research of Seon-Pyeong 2 Jewel of Wisdom.png Jewel of Wisdom x20

SexyBeran.png Beran-Setaou Soulstone

Choice between:

  • 1,100 HP
  • 140 Defense
  • 60 Attack Value
100 Level 100 - Nephrite Crystal [png] Nephrite Crystal x10

[png] Triton Soul Stone

+8% Strong Against Monsters
105 Level 105 - Manticore Map [png] Manticore Map x10

[png] Manticore Soul Stone

+5% Strong Against Stones
110 Level 110 - Gargoyle Fungus [png] Gargoyle Fungus x10

[png] Gargoyle Soul Stone

+5% Strong Against Bosses
115 Level 115 - Lemures Dust [png] Lemures Dust x10

[png] Lemure Soul Stone

+5% Strong Against Demi-Humans
120 Level 120 - Duratus Key [png] Duratus Key x10

[png] Duratus Soul Stone

Choice between:
  • +10% Item Drop Chance
  • +10% Gold Drop Chance
125 Level 125 - Fear Essence [png] Fear Essence x10

[png] Fear Soul Stone

Choice between:
  • +5% Average Damage
  • +7% Skill Damage
130 Level 130 - Mazel Medal [png] Fear Essence x10

[png] Mazel Soul Stone

Choice between:
  • +10 CON
  • +10 INT
  • +10 STR
  • +10 DEX

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