Boss & Metin Spawn

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Boss & Metin Spawn

The Boss/Metin Spawn event is a PvM event where many different bosses and metins will be spawned by the staff team. The location of the spawned bosses and metins will be announced in the chat 30 minutes before the event starts. As the event draws to a close, a Green Almighty Dragon will be spawned for each kingdom.

Work together or alone and slay as many bosses and metins you see and don't leave any behind!



  • All in-game rules apply to the Boss/Metin Spawn event
  • No insults
  • No spam
  • The use of bots/hacks is not allowed (damage hack, speedhack, …)
  • You are not allowed to interrupt players during the event with PvP.
  • You can only participate in the Boss/Metin event in your own kingdom.
  • You cannot pass the gates until a staff member removes them.