Buffi System

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General Information

The buffi is a system through which you can receive the shaman's attack and defense skills buffs. This system works on all maps except for first village of every kingdom and PvP tournament maps. The buffs received by the shaman increase based on the amount of intelligence of the shaman and the level of the character.

Type of Buffi

There are two types of Buffi the Dragon Buffi and Healer Buffi: the first confers the skills of the dragon shaman while the second confers the healer one. There are permanent and temporary buffi (7 days).

How to have them

Permanent buffs can only be purchased through item shops or by trading with other players while temporary buffs can be crafted at the Shima NPC located in each village.


How to increase the buffs

The intelligence in the shaman can be increased through the Buffi Booster Int item, which exist of four types as shown below :

  • Buffi Booster Int + 20 91031.png drops from Nemere, Razador & Azrael and can be added up to 200 int;
  • Buffi Booster Int + 100 91032.png only available at ItemShop in Boosters Section.
  • Buffi Booster Int + 150 91033.png drops from Queen Meley's Chest & Dragon Watcher Chest and available at Item Shop in Boosters Section.
  • Buffi Booster Int + 200 91034.png only available at ItemShop in Boosters Section.

The maximum intelligence currently achievable is 200.