Christmas Event (2020)

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Christmas Event (2020)

Christmas Event 2020: Forum Thread Here

This year's Christmas Event will be very different from last year!

Every monster you encounter will have the chance to drop Christmas goodies.
You will also be able to enter a special dungeon called Christmas Halls.

Christmas Halls is divided into 3 levels, Low level (L), Medium Level (M) and High Level (H).

Depending on your level you will enter the following Dungeon difficulty:

Low Level(L) Lv75 - Lv109

Medium Level(M) Lv110 - Lv129

High Level(H) Lv130

You'll also be able to craft permanent costumes in Santa Claus:

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Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is divided into 3 versions.
Items from the Wheel are needed to craft Permanent Costumes!
You can access the Wheel of Fortune by visiting Santa Claus in Map1.

Nova2 Wheel2.png

Depending on your level you will need different candies to spin the wheel.

Level Lv75 - Lv109
Requires: Candy Canes

Level Lv110 - Lv129
Requires: Chocolate Heart

Level 130
Requires: Golden Chocolate Heart

How to obtain them?
Defeat ANY Monster from ANY map within 15 levels from yours (-/+ 15)
Note: The levels above also determine what you will drop!

Adventure Calendar

Every Day you will receive an additional quest to complete (based on your level)

Level (Low) Lv01 - Lv75 Christmas Token.png(x1)
Level (Middle) Lv76 - Lv109 (2 Tokens)Christmas Token.png(x2)
Level (Hard) Lv110 - Lv130 (3 Tokens)Christmas Token.png(x3)

Quests will last until December 31th!

Note: Once you complete the quest you must visit the Christmas Tree to receive the tokens.
Tokens from Advent Calendar will be used to purchase presents from Santa Claus on December 24th until December 31st!

In the following days you will be able to drop the necessary items to craft Christmas Effects

December 1st - December 8th
Blue Christmas Socks.png Blue Christmas Socks

December 9th - December 15th
Grocery Event Christmas5.png Green Christmas Socks

December 16th - December 23rd
Red Christmas Socks.png Red Christmas Socks

December 24th - December 31st
Yellow Christmas Socks.png Yellow Christmas Socks