Crystal Dungeon (Lv. 110)

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Crystal Dungeon.png
Crystal Dungeon (Lv. 110)
  • You can enter the Crystal Dungeon from level 110.
  • When you do this dungeon you have to wait 15 minutes to re-enter it.

Crystal Dungeon

"Phase 1"

Clear this room to proceed.

"Phase 2"

Find the Crystal Seal to unlock the Pillar!

"Phase 3"

Kill all the monsters to wake up Crystal Beast!

"Phase 4"

Kill the Crystal Beast.

"Phase 5"

Destroy all the Metin stones to get the right stone piece and use it on the crystal temple!

"Phase 6"

Kill all the monsters.

"Phase 7"

Kill the Crystal Dino!

"Phase 8"

Destroy all metin stones.

"Phase 9"

Kill the Crystal Dragon!


No Map available

Final Boss Drops
  • 5x 34005.png Green Amulet
  • 5x 34006.png Blue Amulet
  • 5x 34004.png Red Amulet
  • 5x 34009.png Rock of Poison
  • 15x 34008.png Rock of Gore
  • 5x 34007.png Rock of Darkness
  • 5x 34012.png Azure Stone
  • 2x 50569.png Legendary Soul Stone
  • 4x 71051.png Enhance Add Scroll+
  • 12x 71052.png Enhance Change Scroll+
  • Magic Monster
  • Crystal soldier
  • Crystal golem
  • Bloodthirsty tiger
  • Crystal monster
  • Dark crystal scorpion
  • Crystal triceratops
  • Brutal crystal monster
  • Evil larva
  • Crystal Beast
  • Crystal Beast
  • Crystal Dino
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Guard