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The Easter event will start in April and will be active from 11.04.20 - 30.04.20.

It will be possible to participate in different ways:

  • 1. Farming on the Easter Dungeon with two different Metin Stones and two different bosses for a higher chance of Easter items.
  • 2. Farming on the Farm Maps with three different Metin Stones especially made for each level:
- In Akanta Field you’ll find an Easter Egg level 90,
- In Akata Cave you will find an Easter Egg level 110,
- In Lost Forest and Secret Wood you will find an Easter Egg level 130.

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Players can see how they can complete the Easter Dungeon (2020), here!


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Easter Basket Level 90

Can be found in Akanta Field and drops:

  • 2x Magicalegg.png Magical Egg
  • 3x 34002.png Fire Horn
  • 3x 34003.png Ice Horn
  • 4x 27992.png White Pearl
  • 3x 27993.png Blue Pearl
  • 2x 27994.png Blood Pearl

Easter Basket Level 110

Can be found in Akanta Cave and drops:

  • 2x Magicalegg.png Magical Egg
  • 3x 71052.png Enhance Change Scroll+
  • 1x 50569.png Legendary Soul Stone
  • 3x 34007.png Rock Of Darkness
  • 3x 34008.png Rock Of Gore
  • 3x 34009.png Rock Of Poison

Easter Basket Level 130

Can be found in Lost Forest and Secret Wood and drops:

  • 2x Magicalegg.png Magical Egg
  • 3x 50008.png Gold Key
  • 1x 50006.png Gold Treasure Chest
  • 3x 80006.png Gold Bar (10kk Yang)
  • 3x 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 3x 34501.png Shards Chest

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In-Game Egg Basket Shop


For this Event there will be a shop at the end of the Event for all Permanent Costumes and Pets from this Event which players will be able to buy with the Basket with Easter Eggs they've collected during the Event!

The Easter Rabbit will decide what the pricing will be for each Costume, Hairstyle, Pet, Mount and Weapon Skin at the end of the Event.

If he's happy with the amount of Eggs the players collected, he might be generous!


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Item Shop

We're having some exclusive Costumes, Haircuts, Weapons, Wings, and Shinnings in the item shop.
And a few pets and mounts.


Effect Previews:
Pure Blue Dragon Effect


Dark Red Dragon Effect


Orangered Dragon Effect


Light Yellow Dragon Effect


You can see everything at Easter2020-rabbitpremium.png Easter Rabbit!

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