Easter Event 2021

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Event Information

This year Easter Event is unique and is divide into :

  • 30844.pngPaints - You will be able to drop this items from every mob around the same level as you.
  • Basket render.pngEaster Basket - The baskets spawns in the same maps as Easter Metins and you need to click them for a chance of getting 50180.pngEmpty Easter Baskets.
  • Easter Metins - From this Metins you will be able to get Magical EggsEaster2020 pass e.png(needed to enter the dungeon) and Egg Shells30849.png.
  • Easter Dungeon - The dungeon boss will sometimes reward you with a very special drop: Golden Carrot30848.png.

The Golden Items are valuable drops that can be exchanged for permanent items in the Easter Shop.
The 30842.pngGolden Easter Baskets can be obtained by openning 50181.pngBasket with Easter Eggs.
The 30847.pngGolden Easter Egg can be bought from the Easter Shop in exchange for 30843.png Easter Eggs.

The Easter event will start in April and will be active from 02/04/21 - 11/04/21.

The NPC's will stay one more week after the end of the event.

Easter Bunny

Chad bunny.png

Easter bunny has once again done his best to provide you with many different cosmetics for this Easter. Take a look, there is certainly something for you!

Easter Shop

This shop will be the place where all your Easter drops will be used. Check it out in-game and find out what suits you from the newest Easter exclusive costumes of this year.


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To access the Easter Dungeon you need to interact with Easter Bunny, he will teleport you.

Check this page if you need a guide for it: Easter Dungeon (2021)

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There are three different level of Metin in this years event. It's actually the same stone divided into 3 level categories to fit everyone's level needs, as shown below.


Easter Metin(E) Easter Metin(M) Easter Metin(H)

Easter2020 pass e.png Magical Egg(E)
34010.pngPoison Marble
50569.pngLegendary Soul Stone
34000.pngSolar Blast
34001.pngMagical Orb
34002.pngFire Horn
34003.pngIce Horn
71051.pngEnhance Add Scroll+
71052.pngEnhance Change Scroll+
80006.pngGold Bar (10kk Yang)
30849.pngEgg Shell

Easter2020 pass m.png Magical Egg(M)
34010.pngPoison Marble
50569.pngLegendary Soul Stone
34006.pngBlue Amulet
34005.pngGreen Amulet
34004.pngRed Amulet
34007.pngRock Of Darkness
34008.pngRock Of Gore
34009.pngRock Of Poison
71051.pngEnhance Add Scroll+
71052.pngEnhance Change Scroll+
80006.pngGold Bar (10kk Yang)
30849.pngEgg Shell

Magicalegg.png Magical Egg(H)
34021.pngRed Magical Stone
34022.pngYellow Magical Stone
34018.pngDuratus Gem
34020.pngTreasure Gem
34019.pngFear Gem
80007.pngGold Bar (100kk Yang)
30849.pngEgg Shell


The Easter Metins can be found in different maps based on their dificulty:

Easter Metin(E)

Easter Metin(M)

Easter Metin(H)

  • Map2 Red
  • Map2 Yellow
  • Map2 Blue
  • Valley of Seungryong
  • Yongbi Desert
  • Mount Sohan
  • Fireland
  • Akanta Field
  • Spider Dungeon 1
  • Spider Dungeon 2
  • Spider Dungeon 3
  • Ghost Forest
  • Red Wood
  • Hwang Temple
  • Snakefield
  • Akanta Cave
  • Valley of Giants
  • Grotto 1
  • Grotto 2
  • Cape Dragon Fire
  • Nephrite Bay
  • Thunder Mountains
  • Guatama Cliff
  • Lost Forest
  • Secret Wood

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Easter Rabbit

Small bunny.png

Easter Rabbit brought some new Easter costumes to his shop! You can buy them with Nova tokens existing in our Item Shop.

Note: bunny ears are mask items and not hairstyles.(6/7 stats cannot be added to it)

Easter Rabbit Premium Shop.png

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