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Effects Preview

Weapon Effects

Image Item
Red Weapon Effect.png Red Weapon Effect+
Yellow Weapon Effect.png Yellow Weapon Effect+
Blue Weapon Effect.png Blue Weapon Effect+
Anniversary Weapon Effect.png Anniversary Weapon Effect+
Yellow Xmas Weapon Effect.png Yellow Xmas Weapon Effect
Red Xmas Weapon Effect.png Red Xmas Weapon Effect
Green Xmas Weapon Effect.png Green Xmas Weapon Effect
Blue Xmas Weapon Effect.png Blue Xmas Weapon Effect

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Armour Effects

Image Item
Green Bubble Effect+.png Green Bubble Effect+
Blue Bubble Effect+.png Blue Bubble Effect+
Yellow Bubble Effect+.png Yellow Bubble Effect+
Pink Bubble Effect+.png Pink Bubble Effect+
Red Bubble Effect+.png Red Bubble Effect+
Ocean Bubble Effect.png Ocean Bubble Effect
Sunny Summer Effect.png Sunny Summer Effect
Red pulsatile Effect.png Red pulsatile Effect
Blue pulsatile Effect.png Blue pulsatile Effect
Green pulsatile Effect.png Green pulsatile Effect
White Pulsatile Effect.png White Pulsatile Effect
Turquoise pulsatile Effect.png Turquoise pulsatile Effect
Orange pulsatile Effect.png Orange pulsatile Effect
Yellow pulsatile Effect.png Yellow pulsatile Effect
Red Armor Effect+.png Red Armor Effect+
Yellow Armor Effect+.png Yellow Armor Effect+
Blue Armor Effect+.png Blue Armor Effect+
Sparking Armor Effect+.png Sparking Armor Effect+
Green Armor Effect+.png Green Armor Effect+
Pink Armor Effect+.png Pink Armor Effect+
Anniversary Armor Effect+.png Anniversary Armor Effect+
Shiny Xmas Effect.png Shiny Xmas Effect
Fancy Xmas Effect.png Fancy Xmas Effect
Pure Blue Dragon Effect.png Pure Blue Dragon Effect
Dark Red Dragon Effect.png Dark Red Dragon Effect
Orangered Dragon Effect.png Orangered Dragon Effect
Light Yellow Dragon Effect.png Light Yellow Dragon Effect
Fancy Black Effect.png Fancy Black Effect
Fancy Black Orange Effect.png Fancy Black Orange Effect
Fancy Nova Effect.png Fancy Nova Effect
Fancy Red Effect.png Fancy Red Effect
Neon Light Effect.png Neon Light Effect
Neon Dark Effect.png Neon Dark Effect
Rainbow Effect+.png Rainbow Effect+
Valentine Armor Effect.png Valentine Armor Effect
Spooky Halloween Effect+.png Spooky Halloween Effect+
White Ghost Effect+.png White Ghost Effect+
Red Ghost Effect+.png Red Ghost Effect+
Purple Ghost Effect+.png Purple Ghost Effect+
Orange Ghost Effect+.png Orange Ghost Effect+
Green Ghost Effect+.png Green Ghost Effect+
Blue Ghost Effect+.png Blue Ghost Effect+
Black Ghost Effect+.png Black Ghost Effect+

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