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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will be able to find the most frequently asked questions. To easily find an answer to your question use the browser search (CTRL + F) and search for key words until you find it. If you cant find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact any Team Member in Discord or in game.


What is the maximum level? 140
How do I make skills L Legendary Soul Stones
Where can I find my materials? Press "U" to open the special inventory. Here you can find Cosmetics (Weapon Skins, Armour Skins, Hairstyles, Wings, Sashes, Pets, Mounts), Materials, Chests and Spirit Stones
How do I link an item in the chat? Alt + left click, if you try using it in a chat window, make sure it's large enough for the item to be linked
Can I use hacks? No, any form of hacking is not allowed, and will result in a ban
How do I make my items epic? You can craft better items at the PvP and PvM Crafter (NPC in each Kingdom Map 1 and 2)
How do I improve my Shoulder Sash? At Teowahdan you can find everything about Sashes
How can I upgrade stones? Spirit Stones can be upgraded at Jae-Seon-Kim, you will need two lower + stones and some yang to upgrade to a higher +. Click [Stone System] for more information.
Where do I level up at level 60 -70 -80? There are different leveling maps, you can check recommended maps by using the Teleportation Ring or follow the Beginner's Guide which explains what to do from lv. 1 till 90.
What are Shiva Tokens and where do I get them? Shiva Tokens are used to buy items (skins) from the Shiva NPC. You can obtain Shiva Tokens from the Itemshop for 6k NC. It's also possible to get a Shiva Token from some Events.
Can I make perfect items? You can use the Green Savior Spell and Blue Savior Spell to put bonuses of your choice on an item. Green Savior Spell is used for the first 5 bonuses, the Blue Savior Spell is for the 6th and 7th bonus.
How do I get Soul Stones for Biologist Missions? The Bio Soul Stones drop from the same monsters that give the primary materials
What is Vote4Buff and how do I use it? Vote4Buff is a quest that you can enable by voting on our website. You can vote once every 24 hours and doing so will give you the ingame Vote4Buff quest. You can use that quest to give yourself a temporary bonus between 4 choices: Attack Power, Max HP, Bonus EXP, Strong against Monster. For more information, check the Vote4Buff page.
How can I upgrade my Buffi? A Buffi can be upgraded with Buffi Boosters. There are currently 3 types of Buffi Boosters: INT +100, INT +150, INT +200. Two Buffi Boosters can be combined to get the maximum INT Booster. For example: INT +100 and INT +150 can be combined to make a +200 INT Boost on your Buffi.
Where do I drop EXP Rings? Exp rings can be dropped from bosses 70-100lvl.
Do I have to wait 5 hours if Legendary Soul Stone fails? Do I have to wait 5 hours if Legendary Soul Stone fails? No you can use Concentrated Reading and Exorcism Scrull and you will be able to read another Legendary Soul Stone.
Where can I drop 2 hours gloves and EXP ring? From the Boss Rakshasa in "Cape Dragon Fire" and from General Lobster in "Nephrite Bay"
Where can I get a Buffi? A Buffi can be either bought from itemshop for 2500NC or crafted in Shima (NPC) in the middle of the safe zone.
Where can I see all the bosses / dungeons in the server? F6.
What happend to costumes and skins that are taken out of the inventory or Bank? Alle costumes and skins will be in Inventory+, U can get their by clicking on "U" than check the costumes window in the + inventory
Where do belt of Wisdom drops? Cape Dragon Fire boss
What bonuses will i get from 92/94 lvl bio missions? You will be offered to choose from 3 options (HP,AP,DEF). If you're not happy with your decision, you can reset the quest by buying Seon-Pyeongs Rest Scrull from General Store (1,000,000,000 Gold) and choose the bonuses differently.
Are items from itemshop tradeable on this server? Yes, items that you buy from itemshop are tradeable.
Where can I get Green Savior Spell / Blue Savior Spell? They can be either bought from itemshop , or crafted at the NPC in Map 1 "Shima" using different culor 400x cores.
How can I make my skills P? Although P are not the strongest skills you can make on this server and L skills are, you can make P skills using Rainbow Stone that can be bought from General Store. (2,000,000 Gold.)
How can I add 4th stone in armor / weapon? A fourth stone in armors and weapons can be added using Weapon/Armor Socket Enhancer. Please note that the Socket Enhancers cannot fail.
How can I add ores to my belt? Ores can be added on your belt by using Diamonds (Which can be crafted in Map 1 - Alchemist). Also, please note that using a diamond can fail.
Where can I drop 6/7 adders/changers. Those can be dropped in Farming Map - Akanta Cave (100+).
Can bonuses be added into wings? Bonuses can be added into wings.
What does Amulet of Eternal Love gives? 10% Drop Chance and Double Yang Chance.
What does the Biologist Chest contain? Bio chest content.png
How do I craft Azure Shoes? You can craft Azure Shoes from Fire Shoes or Oceanic Shoes (made it at PvP Crafter) which are crafted from Phoenix or Ecstasy Shoes.
Where can I drop INT Booster for my Buffi? 20 int booster can be get it from Azrael,Nemere and Razador.150 int at Meley Dungeon.
How does Legendary Soul Stone (instant) work? It gives you instant L skill(not all the skills,just one)
Can I craft a permanent Buffi at Shima NPC? No, you can't.
How does Certificate of Reversal (+) work? It reverse the sash to normal and give back the item you absorbed.
How do I get the 4th slot for armor/weapon? Using Weapon/Armor Socket Enhancer which you can get from World Boss/Duratus/Fear Dragon.
Where do I find the drops to craft +6 Stones? You can kill Forest Axe Master for a small chance of drop or kill the Mazel Boss for a higher chance. They are both in 130 Farm Map.
Can I buy Nova Coins for other methods not available for exemple PayPal? Yes, contact [SA]Eddy or [SGA]Ekko in discord and they will be able to help you.
Can I sell my character for yang or NC vouchers? No. Check the rules in Nova Discord at §6 External-trading.
I'm trying to do a Dungeon but there's no mobs inside what can I do? Go to other channel and try and do the dungeon there.
I want to reset the Lv92/94 biologist reward but says I didn’t complete it. Go to Baek-go click on his first quest and then use the reset scrull.