Fear Dungeon (Lv. 125)

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Fear Dungeon.png
Fear Dungeon (Lv. 125)
  • You can enter the Fear Dungeon from level 125.
  • When you do this dungeon you have to wait 1 hour to re-enter it.

Fear Dungeon

"Phase 1"

Clear this room to proceed.

"Phase 2"

Destroy the metin stone.

"Phase 3"

Kill the Dead Tyrant

"Phase 4"

Talk to the Priest to proceed. Kill all the mobs.

"Phase 5"

Destroy the 5 metin stones.

"Phase 6"

Kill all the monsters.

"Phase 7"

Defeat the Skeleton Lord!

"Phase 8"

Use the old book to curse and kill the Priest. Use the Bone Key to destroy the gateway.

"Phase 9"

Open all the monuments with the seals you will drop by:

1. Destroy the metin stones;

2. Killing the monsters;

3. Killing the Dead Tyrants;

4. Killing the mobs;

5. Destroying the metin stone.

Use the bone key to destroy the gateway.

"Phase 10"

Kill all the mobs.

"Phase 11"

Kill the Dead Tyrants.

"Phase 12"

Kill all the mobs.

"Phase 13"

Defeat the Fear Dragon!


No Map available

Final Boss Drops
  • 1x 50500.png Armor Socket Enhancer
  • 1x 50501.png Weapon Socket Enhancer
  • 50x 51001.png Energy Fragment
  • 1-3x 34019.png Fear Gem
  • 1x 34029.png Fear Soul
  • 1x 30740.png Fear dragon stone
  • 1x 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
  • 1x 80014.png NC Voucher (500)
  • 25x 34501.png Shards Chest
  • 18x 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 1x 85010.png Certificate of Reversal+
  • 1x 66000.png Mighty Ring (Warrior)+3
  • 1x 66010.png Mighty Ring (Ninja)+3
  • 1x 66020.png Mighty Ring (Sura)+3
  • 1x 66030.png Mighty Ring (Shaman)+3
  • 1x 66040.png Mighty Ring (Attack)+3
  • 1x 66050.png Mighty Ring (Defence)+3
  • Dryade of Fear
  • Fearless Demon
  • Rock Skeleton
  • Shred Ghoul
  • Fearful Witch
  • Undead Gladiator
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Skeleton Guardian
  • Dead Tyrant
  • Skeleton Lord
  • Fear Dragon
  • Guardian
  • Old Priest