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Nova2 FishingEvent Name.png

Are you exhausted and want to sit back and relax?
Then this event is just for you!

All you’ll need to start is to grab your lucky Fishing rod and get some juicy baits,
then find yourself a nice spot to fish, sit back and enjoy!

Everyone can participate in this event if you follow the rules!


  • Any use of cheats/hacks (fishing bot) will directly disqualify the player, and the player will be punished harshly.
  • Players have 2 weeks from the start announcement to collect as many fish as they can.
  • When it is time to collect the fishes, players can only submit 3 fishes
  • You can only submit fishes from 1 account, if you get caught trying to submit fishes from multiple accounts/characters you will be directly disqualified.

How to Participate:

To win a reward, you have 2 weeks to catch the biggest fish possible! You will have only 3 chances to submit the biggest fish you have so use them wisely.


1º- 6000 NC
2º- 4000 NC
3º- 3000 NC
4º- 2000 NC
5º- 1000 NC

Note: If there is a tie for any prize, the players will receive the full amount of that specific prize. Example: Two people have the same size fish for 3rd place, they will BOTH receive 3k NC.

To buy yourself a fishing rod and some baits you can speak with one of our lovely Fisherman’s around every city!

Please Note ALL raw fishes will be removed from the game on February 8th, 2021 (cooked fish will not be removed)