Ghidorah's Nest (Lv. 135)

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Ghidorah's Nest (Lv. 135)
Min lvl: 135

Entrance Ticket: Ghidorah's Nest Ticket, can be bought at the entrance of the dungeon.

Bonus: Fire Resistance - Fire attack - Elemental - Undead.

Cooldown: 3 hours


Stage 1

Click on Ghidorah's Guardian.

Stage 2

Kill all monsters until you drop the Flaming Key. Drag the key on the Dragon Gate ( may fail )

Stage 3

Once the Dragon Gate is destroyed, kill the Metin of Inferno The HP stops 66% and 33% and you must kill the Undead Commander to keep damaging the Metin.

Stage 4

Find and destroy all 3 other Metin of Infernos.

Stage 5

Kill all monsters until you obtain 4 pulling ropes from the monsters and drag it to the Warrior's Statue.

Stage 6

Cross the bridge and speak to the Ghidorah's Guardian.

Stage 7

Damage all 5 Metins of Eggsplosion to 0% Speak to the Ghidorah Guardian to open the gate.

Stage 8

Kill all 3 Undead Giant's Chains.

Stage 9

Kill all 3 Metins of Eggsplosion. When they're 50% HP, you must kill the Undead Commander to continue. The Metins of Eggsplosion will drop a Flaming Key. Drag them to the Destiny Lock to unlock the bridge.

Stage 10

Kill Epic Undead Commander (He will teleport to a nearby area at 65%).

Stage 11

Kill Undead Giants Chains (every 25% he will spawn an Incinerator which you must kill to continue). Kill Undead Giant.

Stage 12

Defeat Ghidorah.

Stage 13

Collect your loot by killing Ghidorah's Treasure.


No Map available

Final Boss Drops
  • 0-1x Empty Ticket.png Empty Ticket
  • 0-1x Ghidorah's Nest Ticket.png Ghidorah's Nest Ticket
  • 1-3x Fire Infusion I.png Fire Infusion [I]
  • 1-3x 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
  • 0-1x 80014.png NC Voucher (500)
  • 3x Fire Treasure Chest.png Fire Treasure Chest
  • 1x Refresh Gaya Market.png Refresh Gaya Market

  • Fire Treasure Chest.png Fire Treasure Chest Drops

  • 0-5x Elemental Talisman.png Elemental Talisman
  • 0-2x Fire Pearl.png Fire Pearl
  • 0-2x Fire Totem.png Fire Totem
  • 0-2x Ancient Red Cloth.png Ancient Red Cloth
  • 0-2x Fire Power Shard.png Fire Power Shard
  • 0-2x Fire Crystal.png Fire Crystal
  • 0-2x Armor Enhancement Scroll.png Armor Enhancement Scroll
  • 0-1x Weapon Enhancement Scroll.png Weapon Enhancement Scroll
  • 0-2x Accessory Enhancement Scroll.png Accessory Enhancement Scroll
  • 0-1x Eternal Flames.png Eternal Flames
  • 0-1x Ghidorah's Heart.png Ghidorah's Heart
  • 0-1x 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
  • 0-10x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
No metins available on this map
No monsters available on this map
No NPC's available on this map