Green Almighty Dragon (Lv. 120+)

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Green Almighty Dragon (Lv. 120+)
The Green Almighty Dragon belongs to the Farm Maps. This map is accessible from level 120 onwards and is useful to collect some to get items necessary to improve your equipment.

From the Dragon (that spawns every 6 hours) at 07:00, 13:00, 19:00 and 01:00 Srver Time. You can drop Gold Bar (100kk Yang), Duratus and Fear Magic Stone, All Mighty Rings +4, Shards and Feather Chests, Certificate of Reversal+, Almighty Dragon Soul,Energy Fragment, Armor and Weapon Socket Enhancer and NC Voucher (1000).

  • Max HP:
  • Damage: 27.310 - 34315
  • Experience: 10.211
  • Gold: 0 - 0
  • Regen 1% every 90 seconds.

Worldboss-Map Interactive Map.png

Final Boss Drops
  • 10x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 20x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 30x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 50x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 1x 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
  • 50x 51001.png Energy Fragment
  • 1x 80015.png NC Voucher (1000)
  • 1x 50501.png Weapon Socket Enhancer
  • 1x 50500.png Armor Socket Enhancer
  • 1x 85010.png Certificate of Reversal+
  • 1x 34027.png Almighty Dragon Soul
  • 1x 30750.png Duratus magic stone
  • 1x 30740.png Fear dragon stone
  • 25x 34501.png Shards Chest
  • 15x 34501.png Shards Chest
  • 12x 34501.png Shards Chest
  • 25x 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 15x 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 12x 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 1x 66000.png Mighty Ring (Warrior)+4
  • 1x 66010.png Mighty Ring (Ninja)+4
  • 1x 66020.png Mighty Ring (Sura)+4
  • 1x 66030.png Mighty Ring (Shaman)+4
  • 1x 66040.png Mighty Ring (Attack)+4
  • 1x 66050.png Mighty Ring (Defence)+4
  • There are no Metins here
  • Small Dragon
  • Stone Guardian
  • Green Almighty Dragon
  • There are no NPC here