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FlagNeutral.png Hide & Seek Event

The Hide and Seek event is composed of three rounds. On special occasions it might occur that there is an extra round. This event consists of finding the staff member who has hidden on a map. When the event starts, the staff member will give you clues about the map and the exact location where it is: the more time you spend more clues will be given.

When the event starts, clues will be given by a staff member while the players are searching for the hidden staff member. From the clues you have to determine the map and locate the staff member. When you find the GM, if you have been the first, you will be rewarded.


  • All in-game rules apply to Hide&Seek event
  • No insults
  • No spam
  • Using bots/hacks isn’t allowed (trackers, speedhack, …)
Find the GM
HideSeek SmallImage.jpg