Hive Cave (Lv. 110)

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Hive Cave.png
Hive Cave (Lv. 110)
  • You can enter the Hive Cave from level 110.
  • When you do this dungeon you have to wait 15 minutes to re-enter it.

Hive Cave

"Stage 1"

Search for the Magic Monster in the cave, kill it to jump to the next phase!

"Stage 2"

Destroy the Magic Cave Stone.

"Stage 3"

Kill the Bewitched Spider King

"Stage 4"

Destroy all Spider Eggs

"Stage 5"

Kill the Enchanted Shaman Girl

"Stage 6"

Kill all Hive Spiders, and then the final boss : Hive Queen.


No Map available

Final Boss Drops
  • 5x 34005.png Green Amulet
  • 5x 34006.png Blue Amulet
  • 5x 34004.png Red Amulet
  • 3x 34003.png Ice Horn
  • 3x 34002.png Fire Horn
  • 5x 34009.png Rock of Poison
  • 5x 34008.png Rock of Gore
  • 15x 34007.png Rock of Darkness
  • 7x 34012.png Azure Stone
  • 1x 50569.png Legendary Soul Stone
  • 10x 71051.png Enhance Add Scroll+
  • 4x 71052.png Enhance Change Scroll+
  • Magic Monster
  • Hive Spider
  • Magical Beast
  • Mushroom Soldier
  • Magic Beast Demon
  • Magic Dark Beast
  • Moldy Pawn
  • Moldy Scout
  • Magic Insect
  • Dark Bee Soldier
  • Magic Monster
  • Bewitched Spider King
  • Enchanted Shaman Girl
  • Hive Queen
  • Guard