Hunting Quests

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Hunting Quests

You can get these quests from Biologist Chaegirab.

The quests award you with a 7 Day costume set to temporarily boost you damage and help you through your adventure. The is no cooldown when delivering the items.
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You do not have to finish the previous quest in order to start the next one however you must reach the level requirements of 20 and 25.


Note: These costumes are non tradable.

Level Quest Search For Rewards (7 days)
20 Collect Lilac 10x Lilac.png Cobra Outfit (m)Cobra Outfit (m).png or Cobra Outfit (f).pngCobra Outfit (f)
25 Collect Tue Fungi 10x Tue Fungus.png Cobra Hairstyle (m)Cobra Hairstyle (m).png or Cobra Hairstyle (f).pngCobra Hairstyle (f)

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