Lost Forest (Lv. 120+)

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Lost Forest (Lv. 120+)
The Lost Forest belongs to the Farm Maps. This map is accessible from level 120 onwards and is useful to collect Up Items for the 130 PvM set and Mighty Rings and get some gold.

In this map you can drop Gold Bar (10kk Yang), Gold Bar (100kk Yang), Duratus Magic Stone, All Mighty Rings +0 and +2, Shards and Feather Chests, Certificate of Reversal+, Treasure Soul, Treasure Gem, Energy Fragment, NC Voucher (500).

Interactive Map

Lost Forest metins.png
The red circles show the different locations of Metin of Treasures that spawn every 1 hour.

  • Bee of Demise
  • Mutated Flower of Demise
  • Flower of DemiseFlower of demise
  • Flower of Treasures
  • Mutated Flower of Treasures
  • Wolf of Treasures
  • There are no NPC here