Mazel Run (Lv.130)

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Mazel Boss.png
Mazel Run (Lv.130)
  • You can enter the Mazel Run from level 130.
  • There is no cooldown to do this dungeon.
  • You need to have 10x 34035.png Mazel Portal to join the run.
  • A group can only enter if the leader join the run.
  • If a group decides to join, each has to have 10x 34035.png Mazel Portal.

Mazel Run

"Phase 1"

Kill the Mazel Boss.


No Map available

Final Boss Drops
  • 1x 34034.png Armour Stone Token
  • 1x 34033.png Weapon Stone Token
  • 34036.png Battle Gem
  • 34041.png Battle Orb
  • 34040.png Mazel Heart
  • 34501.png Shards Chest
  • 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 34092.png Charming Cube Chest
  • 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
No metins available on this map
  • Boss Mazel
No NPC's available on this map