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Mixed Tournament

The Mixed Tournament is an event that currently takes place on Sunday evening at 21.00 CET Server Time.

This event is accessible through the Battle Bailiff in map 1 of each kingdom. This is a PvP tournament in which characters of every class and race will be confronted, but with a restriction on the level. The tournament will be made up of single-elimination duels only and only one race at a time will compete for the prize. The tournament takes place in three tiers of level which is usually also the order in which the tournament takes place: 64-84, 85-119, 120-130. For those who manage to win the first two tournaments (64-84 and 85-119) there is a reward in NC, while the lucky winner of the 120-130 tournament will get a unique skin item in the server.

The rules that have to be followed to prevent a disqualification are:

  • No Potions are allowed.
  • No HP fishes are allowed.
  • No external buffs are allowed (it means you can use only the buffs from your own character).
  • Any kind of temporary or permanent invisibility provided by items, fishes etc, is not allowed.
  • Using Stealth (Dagger Ninjas) skill is allowed.
  • Using Stealth (Dagger Ninjas) longer than 20 seconds will result in a loss.
  • Starting the fight before it announces will result in disconnection and a loss.
  • Leaving the starting position before it announces will result in disconnection and a loss.
  • Crashing while joining the arena will result in disconnection and a loss.
  • The use of horses and mounts is not allowed.
  • No guild war skills are allowed.
  • Using group isn’t allowed.
  • Using bots/hacks or lag switches isn’t allowed (damage hack, speedhack, macros …)
  • Running into the arena isn’t allowed.
  • Sending friend requests, guild invites and so forth with the purpose of ruining the players experience during the event is NOT allowed.


  • Cases will be determined by the staff members according to the situation
  • If the "Teleport back" button appears before the fight against your opponent has started, do NOT click on it. It will teleport you outside of the battle field and you will lose the fight automatically.
  • If you registered to fight and then go back to the city, you will stay registered. However If you registered but you're not in the PvP Arena when it's your turn, you will be disqualified.
Top Players

Top Lv.120-130
1º MAGI | 5 Wins
2º BOOM | 4 Wins
3º KOROSHY | 4 Wins

Top Lv.85-119
1º TRYME | 25 Wins
2º JKEEZY | 7 Wins
3º SI |5 Wins

Top Lv.64-84
1º JOHN WICK | 10 Wins
3º JAKEEZY | 8 Wins


Every weekend players fight against each other to keep their ranking title or overtake the title from the previous winner and win unique costumes:

Grand Champion Tag

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