Moonlight Treasure

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The Full Moon is shining in its brightest form and has brought to the Nova2 Community one of the most demanded events: The Moonlight Treasure Event.

During the Moonlight Treasure event you, glorious hunter, are able to obtain Moonlight Treasure Boxes. Impressive and dazzling decorations, from every monster you have a chance to drop and by opening them you may get priceless rewards! All your strength must be focused on defeating the MONSTERS within 15 levels from yours (-/+ 15) for a higher chance to obtain the Moonlight Treasure Boxes.

Inside the boxes you may find:

12x 27992.pngWhite Pearl
8x 27993.pngBlue Pearl
4x 27994.pngRed Pearl
4x 34000.pngSolar Blast
4x 34001.pngMagical Orb
4x 34002.pngFire Horn
4x 34003.pngIce Horn
5x 34004.pngRed Amulet
5x 34005.pngGreen Amulet
5x 34006.pngBlue Amulet
6x 34007.pngRock of Darkness
6x 34008.pngRock of Gore
6x 34009.pngRock of Poison
2x 34010.pngPoison Marble
3x 34011.pngRed Rock

3x 34013.pngRainbow Vial
1x 80006.pngGold Bar(10kk Yang)
1x 80007.pngGold Bar (100kk Yang)
1x 34018.pngDuratus Gem
1x 34019.pngFear Gem
1x 34020.pngTreasure Gem
1x 34021.pngRed Magical Stone
1x 34022.pngYellow Magical Stone
1x 30338.pngArmor Socket Enhancer
1x 30339.pngWeapon Socket Enhancer
30x 51001.pngEnergy Fragment
1x 34092.pngCharming Cube Chest
1x 34501.pngShard Chest
1x 34017.pngMulti Crystal Fragment

Some of the items will drop more often than others.

The event will be hosted occasionally and for a limited time.

Be sure to not miss it by following our event calendar on Discord and Board!