National War

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National War

The National War Event is a war between all 3 kingdoms in a medium-sized map. Once the National War starts, each maxed level player is allowed to join his kingdom in the war through Battle Bailiff. After 10 minutes, the given time for kingdoms to gather their powers, the battle will start. The first kingdom to lose must leave the map, and then there will be a final battle between the 2 remaining kingdoms. The lucky National War winner will receive an easier-to-kill Green Almighty Dragon on the spot.


  • All in-game rules apply to National War event
  • No insults
  • No spam
  • Using bots/hacks isn’t allowed (damage hack, speedhack, macros …)
  • You are not allowed to bring characters to kill to boost one's kingdom results on purpose.
  • You cannot camp outside a kingdom's spawn.
  • Staying AFK in the warzone is not allowed.


Nationalwar rank.png