Nemeres (Lv. 90)

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Nemere's Watchtower Map Header.png
Nemeres (Lv. 90)
Nemere's Watchtower, a dungeon style map, composed by 9 different levels, where you need to perform 9 different tasks to complete the dungeon, all this in 1 hour time limit.

  • Can only enter while in group
  • Only the leader of the group can request entry.
  • Whole group is teleported in.
  • The minimum level to enter the dungeon is 100.
  • Group must have at least 1 shaman and 1 ninja.
  • If you leave the dungeon, by disconnection or reviving in city, you have a 5 minute window that you are allowed to go back in.
  • Cooldown to re-enter is 4 hours

  • Level 1: Defeat all enemies!

After activating the Run on the Ice Lion (NPC), kill all mobs to proceed to next level.

  • Level 2: Some frost monsters carry Frost Keys. Take the keys from them and find the right one!

Kill mobs until you drop the real Frost Key.png.

  • Level 3: Defeat all enemies!

Kill all mobs in this level to proceed.

  • Level 4: Defeat all enemies!

Kill the 2 waves of mobs to proceed.

  • Level 5: Open the seals on the Arctic Cube in the correct order to get to the next floor.

Kill mobs that will drop North Star.png, use them to open the 5 seals on the Arctic Cubes.

  • Level 6: Defeat all of the frost monsters and then destroy the Metin of Cold.

Kill all the mobs and destroy the Metin of Cold.

  • Level 7: Find and defeat Szel, the Lord of Ice and Cold. Only those who fight with the Dragon's Aid will be victorious.

Find and kill the correct Szel.

  • Level 8: Defeat all of the frost monsters and find the Frostflower Key.

Kill mobs until you drop the Frostflower Key.png.

  • Level 9: Destroy the North Dragon Pillar.

Destroy the North Dragon Pillar.

  • Nemere's Throne Room: Defeat Nemere, King of Frost and Ice.

(After clearing the previous 9 levels) Defeat Nemere


Nemere's Watchtower Map.png

Final Boss Drops
  • 12x 27992.png White Pearl
  • 10x 27993.png Blue Pearl
  • 8x 27994.png Blood Pearl
  • 15x 34003.png Ice Horn
  • 5x 34002.png Fire Horn
  • 12x 34001.png Magical Orb
  • 12x 34000.png Solar Blast
  • 30x 34013.png Rainbow Vial
  • 25x 34011.png Red Rock
  • 3x 71051.png Enhance Add Scroll+
  • 10x 71052.png Enhance Change Scroll+
  • 2x 50569.png Legendary Soul Stone
  • 1x 91031.png Buffi Booster (Int +20)
    • Frost Crystal
    • Frost Bug
    • Frost Man
    • Frost Yeti
    • Frost Golem
    • Frost Troll
    • Frost Beard
    • Frost General
    • Frost Lord
    • Szel
    • Nemere
    • Arctic Cube
    • Ice Lion (NPC)
    • North Dragon Pillar