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This is a map where the OX competition is held, This event is constituted by questions related to Nova, that you have to answer yes or no. You can access the map through Uriel when the event is on. To answer "Yes", you have to move to the area marked with "O" and to answer "No" you have to move to the area with the "X". All the participants that give a wrong answer are teleported to the spectator area. The person who can answer all the questions right and is the last standing person, will be rewarded.


  • All in-game rules apply to OX event
  • The use of horses and mounts is not allowed
  • No insults
  • No spam
  • Using bots/hacks isn’t allowed (Speedhack, …)
  • Using Stealth (Dagger Ninja) Skill is NOT allowed

IMPORTANT: If you stand too close to the border/middle you will be teleported out (after the question is answered) even if you had the question right.

Interactive Map


No metins available on this map
No monsters available on this map
No NPC's available on this map