Ochao (Lv. 100)

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Enchanted Forest Logo.jpg
Ochao (Lv. 100)
  • Level 95 required to enter
  • To enter the Enchanted Forest you must find and kill the En-Tai Guardian, the spawn zone number will be communicated to you when you enter the dungeon in the game chat. After his death a Portal appears for 1 minutes which teleport you in the forest. To go ahead in the dungeon you will have to kill En-Tai Sovereign which is located at the top right of the minimap, which will drop the key to access the last phase of the dungeon, where Jotun Thrym resides.

Enchanted Forest Interactive Map.png

Final Boss Drops
  • 12x 34005.png Green Amulet
  • 10x 34006.png Blue Amulet
  • 8x 34004.png Red Amulet
  • 15x 34003.png Ice Horn
  • 5x 34002.png Fire Horn
  • 30x 34013.png Rainbow Vial
  • 25x 34011.png Red Rock
  • 3x 71051.png Enhance Add Scroll+
  • 2x 50569.png Legendary Soul Stone
  • 1x 50266.png Jotun Thrym Chest
  • En-Tai Guardian
  • Ochao Bodyguard
  • Ochao Executioner
  • Ochao General
  • Ochao Magician
  • Ochao Soldier
  • Ochao Warrior
  • Strong Ochao Lord
  • Strong Ochao Bodyguard
  • Strong Ochao Executioner
  • Strong Ochao General
  • Strong Ochao Magician
  • Strong Ochao Soldier
  • Strong Ochao Warrior
  • Ochao Lord
  • En-Tai Destroyer
  • En-Tai Druid
  • En-Tai Healer
  • En-Tai Soldier
  • En-Tai Warrior
  • En-Tai Sovereign
  • Bagjanamu
  • Jotun Thrym
  • Portal
  • Teleporter (400, 385)