PvP Rewards

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PvP Manager.png

Here you can see all the costumes given to our victorious duelists!


Image Item
Black Fairy Wings.png Black Fairy Wings
Blue Bat Wings.png Blue Bat Wings
Green Impulse Wings.png Green Impulse Wings
Light-blue Bat Wings.png Light-blue Bat Wings
Orange Impulse Wings.png Orange Impulse Wings
Phosphoric Emperial Wings.png Phosphoric Emperial Wings
Pink Bat Wings.png Pink Bat Wings
Red Bat Wings.png Red Bat Wings
Red Dr. Octopus' Tentacles.png Red Dr. Octopus' Tentacles
Turquoise Bat Wings.png Turquoise Bat Wings
White Insect Wings.png White Insect Wings
Yellow Impulse Wings.png Yellow Impulse Wings

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Image Item
Beige Camo Coat.png Beige Camo Coat
Brown Coat.png Brown Coat
Grey Hanfu.png Grey Hanfu
War Lord Costume.png War Lord Costume
Black Kimono.png Black Kimono
Green Impulse Outfit.png Green Impulse Outfit
Orange Impulse Outfit.png Orange Impulse Outfit
Orange Winter Outfit(M).png Orange Winter Outfit(M)
Phosphoric Emperial Outfit.png Phosphoric Emperial Outfit
Purple Winter Outfit(M).png Purple Winter Outfit(M)
Sky Blue Coat.png Sky Blue Coat
White Pirate Suit(M).png White Pirate Suit(M)
Yellow Coat.png Yellow Coat
Yellow Impulse Outfit.png Yellow Impulse Outfit

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Image Item
Blazefury Blade Skin.png Blazefury Blade Skin
Blazefury Bow Skin.png Blazefury Bow Skin
Blazefury Dagger Skin.png Blazefury Dagger Skin
Blazefury Sura Sword Skin.png Blazefury Sura Sword Skin
Blazefury Sword Skin.png Blazefury Sword Skin
Enchanted Wood Sword Skin.png Enchanted Wood Sword Skin
Green Ascension Bell Skin.png Green Ascension Bell Skin
Green Ascension Blade Skin.png Green Ascension Blade Skin
Green Ascension Bow Skin.png Green Ascension Bow Skin
Green Ascension Dagger Skin.png Green Ascension Dagger Skin
Green Ascension Fan Skin.png Green Ascension Fan Skin
Green Ascension Glaive Skin.png Green Ascension Glaive Skin
Green Ascension Sword Skin.png Green Ascension Sword Skin
Moonlight Bell Skin.png Moonlight Bell Skin
Moonlight Blade Skin.png Moonlight Blade Skin
Moonlight Bow Skin.png Moonlight Bow Skin
Moonlight Dagger Skin.png Moonlight Dagger Skin
Moonlight Fan Skin.png Moonlight Fan Skin
Moonlight Sword Skin.png Moonlight Sword Skin
Nature Bell Skin.png Nature Bell Skin
Nature Fan Skin.png Nature Fan Skin
Nature Blade Skin.png Nature Blade Skin
Nature Bow Skin.png Nature Bow Skin
Nature Sword Skin.png Nature Sword Skin
Nature Dagger Skin.png Nature Dagger Skin
Orange Sky Bell Skin.png Orange Sky Bell Skin
Orange Sky Fan Skin.png Orange Sky Fan Skin
Orange Sky Blade Skin.png Orange Sky Blade Skin
Orange Sky Bow Skin.png Orange Sky Bow Skin
Orange Sky Dagger Skin.png Orange Sky Dagger Skin
Orange Sky Sword Skin.png Orange Sky Sword Skin
Green Sky Fan Skin.png Green Sky Fan Skin
Green Sky Dagger Skin.png Green Sky Dagger Skin
Green Sky Bow Skin.png Green Sky Bow Skin
Green Sky Blade Skin.png Green Sky Blade Skin
Green Sky Bell Skin.png Green Sky Bell Skin
Green Sky Sword Skin.png Green Sky Sword Skin
Purple Sky Bell Skin.png Purple Sky Bell Skin
Purple Sky Blade Skin.png Purple Sky Blade Skin
Purple Sky Bow Skin.png Purple Sky Bow Skin
Purple Sky Dagger Skin.png Purple Sky Dagger Skin
Purple Sky Fan Skin.png Purple Sky Fan Skin
Purple Sky Sword Skin.png Purple Sky Sword Skin
Twilight Spirit Bell Skin.png Twilight Spirit Bell Skin
Twilight Spirit Blade Skin.png Twilight Spirit Blade Skin
Twilight Spirit Bow Skin.png Twilight Spirit Bow Skin
Twilight Spirit Dagger Skin.png Twilight Spirit Dagger Skin
Twilight Spirit Fan Skin.png Twilight Spirit Fan Skin
Twilight Spirit Glaive Skin.png Twilight Spirit Glaive Skin
Twilight Spirit Sword Skin.png Twilight Spirit Sword Skin

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