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With the update of 22nd of July we have introduced the ranking system.

The ranking table is divided into eight categories: - Metin Stones Destroyed - Bosses Killed - Players Killed - Monsters Killed - Dungeons Completed - Players Killed in PvP Arena - Items Upgraded - Time Played

At the end of every month the top player for each category is awarded with an icon above their head to showcase their achievement the past month. The reward expires within 30days which means players whom have won need to achieve top1 once again the following month if they wish to keep the icon.
You can find the ranking page by pressing the last icon on the left of your inventory:


Ranking System.png


Categorie Objective Reward
Metin Stones Destroy the most amount of metins stones. Metinstones Champion Effect
Bosses Kill the most amount of Bosses. Bosses Champion Effect
Metins Destroy the most amount of metins stones. Metins Champion Effect
Monsters Kill the most amount of monsters. Monsters Champion Effect
Dungeons Complete the greatest number of Dungeons among all players Dungeon Champion Effect
Arena PvP Be the one with the most kills in Arena Pvp. Arena PvP Champion Effect
Item Upgrade Upgrade the most amount of items. Item Upgrade Champion Effect
TimePlayed Be the one with the most hours played. Timeplay Champion Effect

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Champion Effects

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