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  • The Shoulder Sash is a piece of visible equipment as the armour and weapon
  • Wearing wings will hide the sash used.
  • Shoulder Sashes have no expiration time.
  • Can be eqquiped from level 1.
  • All sashes are tradable and can be sold in shops

How to get a Shoulder Sash

There are several types of Shoulder Sashes, the difference between them is simply the look and the origin. Sashes can be obtained by killing different bosses in leveling maps 90+, also obtained by doing the Meley Run and opening Queen Meley's Chest50270.png and / or Dragon Watcher Chest50271.png.

Improving the Shoulder Sashes - Combining

  • The shoulder sashes have 4 different grades of quality: basic, fine, noble and custom.
  • Sashes of the same grade of quality can be combined to craft a higher quality sash.
  • Same grade different type of Sash can be combined together.
  • The refinement can fail, when it does, the bottom sash is destroyed, the top one is kept.
  • The combination screen is obtained from the dialog option "Combination" form Theowahdan
  • Add the sash you wish to upgrade to the top slot, add a second one to combine to the bottom slot
  • The sashes beeing used will be highlighted on inventory.
  • A custom sash can be improved by combining it with another custom sash, the improvement if successfull will keep the same or increase the absorbtion rate, if failed it will result in loosing the second sash.

Bonus Absorption

  • You can use a sash to absorb the bonus from any weapon or armor.
  • The armor or weapon used to be absorbed WILL BE CONSUMED(sacrificed).
  • Basic sashes absorb 1% of the bonus from armour or weapon.
  • Fine sashes absorb 5% of the bonus from armour or weapon.
  • Noble sashes absorb 10% of the bonus from armour or weapon.
  • Custom sashes absorb 11 to 25% of the bonus from armour or weapon (the % is set when the sash is made).
  • Place the Sash on the left slot, the weapon or armour on the right slot, and you can see the final result on the bottom
  • The process will transfer the % of both bonus and stats of the weapon/armor.

Bonus Removal

Certificate of Reversal Certificate of Reversal +
85009.png 85010.png
The bonus from a sash can be removed using Certificate of Reversal. The item will be destroyed. The item from a sash can be restored using Certificate of Reversal+. The item NOT will be destroyed.
Reversal.gif Reversalmais1.gif

All Sashes

Normal Sashes

Sash Obtained at
Lord Sash 85004.png

Master Chest III
Solitary Temple
Lemures Bodyuard
Lemures Prince
Brutal Bone Face
Gnol Lord
Gnol Guard

Master Sash 85008.png

King Wubba

Sovereign Sash 85014.png

King Crab
General Kappa

Royal Sash 85018.png

The Great Ogre
Brutal Red Chief
Red Chief
Bone Face - Nephrite Bay
Bone Face - Cape Dragon Fire
Red Chief

Chou Sash 86008.png Meley Dungeon
Anniversary Sash 85024.png
Yin Sash 86014.png
Chen Sash 86024.png
Mao Sash 86018.png
Si Sash 86028.png
Wu Sash 86034.png
Wei Sash 86038.png
Xu Sash 86054.png
Zi Sash 86004.png
Shen Sash 86044.png
Yu Sash 86048.png
Hai Sash 86058.png

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Event Sashes

Sash Obtained at
Christmas Sash Ch2017 sash04.png Christmas Event (2019)
Heart Sash 86064.png Valentine's Day (2020)
Summer Sash Summer Sash.png Summer Event 2020
Abyss Knight Sash Abyss Knight Sash.png Halloween Event (2020)
Bewitched Sash Bewitched Sash.png Halloween Event (2020)

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