Secret Wood (Lv. 130+)

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Secret Wood (Lv. 130+)
Secret Wood belongs to the farm maps. This map is accessible from level 130 and is useful for collecting objects introduced with V2 or PvM Rings, upgrade items for PvP Belts and Mazel Portal.

When you press F6 and teleport to Mazel run entrance you can talk to the NPC Sinister Wood Dancer and you can craft the new PvP and PvM Belts or access the dungeon Mazel Run (Lv.130).
The Mazel Run (Lv.130) is very important for dropping items to upgrade the Stones to +6, as well as a source of earning yang because it drops 100kk gold bars.

On this map you can drop Mazel Portal, Battle Orb, Battle Gem, Gold Carved Stone, Charming Cubes, Charming Cube Chests, Gold Bar (10kk), Gold Bar (100kk), release gold bar (10kk Yang), gold bar gold (100kk Yang), PvM Rings + 0 and some Shard Chest.



Final Boss Drops
  • 1x 34034.png Armour Stone Token
  • 1x 34033.png Weapon Stone Token
  • 1x 34035.png Mazel Portal
  • 2x 34035.png Mazel Portal
  • 2x 34032.png Gold Carved Stone
  • 34036.png Battle Gem
  • 34041.png Battle Orb
  • 34040.png Mazel Heart
  • 34501.png Shards Chest
  • 34500.png Feather Chest
  • 34092.png Charming Cube Chest
  • 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
  • Forest Wizard
  • Forest Warrior
  • Forest Naruso
  • Forest Lancer
  • Forest Hunter
  • Forest Golem
  • Forest Frog
  • Forest Elk
  • Forest Axe Master
  • Sinister Wood Dancer