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Shaman Male.png

Shamans are versatile magic-based characters with the capability to deal impressive damage with offensive spells while also strengthening themselves and their allies with invaluable support skills. With their unique abilities, a shaman can be indispensable in group play and also can take on challenges alone, if they wish it.


  • As 6/7 Bonus we recommend in PvM "Attack Power" & "Strong against Monster".
  • Class specific stats in PvP are "INT" & "DEX".

Shaman Skills

Dragon Force
Image Skill Description
Blessing.png Blessing Protect your partner or yourself with a protection circle.
Dragon's Roar.png Dragon's Roar Attack enemies with a dragon figure.
Dragon's Strength.png Dragon's Strength Strengthens you or your partner's attack.
Flying Talisman.png Flying Talisman Throw a talisman to damage enemies.
Reflect.png Reflect Protect your partner or yourself with a reflecting circle.
Shooting Dragon.png Shooting Dragon Shoot a dragon figure to attack enemies directly.

Healing Force
Image Skill Description
Attack Up.png Attack Up Strengthen a partner.
Cure.png Cure Heal wounds with the aid of light.
Lightning Claw.png Lightning Claw Summon a Thunderbolt to your fist.
Lightning Throw.png Lightning Throw Attack with Thunderbolts.
Summon Lightning.png Summon Lightning Summon Thunderbolts from the sky.
Swiftness.png Swiftness Run as fast as the Wind.