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Shiva is a special npc that is found in every main village of every kingdom, its job is to sell costumes, hairstyles, skins, mounts and pets.

The items sold by shiva are out monthly and exclusive, so after the month of sale you can get them only through exchange with other players.

Shiva will exchange items for a Shiva Token of the month in which we are in.
Holding ALT allows you to preview the items exisiting.
Below we will show the current and past items.



Shiva Tokens

The Shiva Tokens seen for now are :

/ 2019 2020 2021
January - 69549.png Shiva Golden Token.png
February - 69550.png Shiva Golden Token.png
March - 69551.png Shiva Golden Token.png
April - 69552.png Shiva Golden Token.png
May - 69553.png -
June - 69554.png -
July - 69555.png -
August - 69556.png -
September 69545.png 69557.png -
October 69546.png Shiva Token(October 2020).png -
November 69547.png Shiva Token(November 2020).png -
December 69548.png Shiva Golden Token(December 2020).png -


August 2019

Image Item
White Camo Coat.png White Camo Coat
Green Camo Coat.png Green Camo Coat
Red Coat.png Red Coat
Blue Coat.png Blue Coat
Black Coat.png Black Coat
Fire Bell Skin.png Fire Bell Skin
Fire Blade Skin.png Fire Blade Skin
Fire Bow Skin.png Fire Bow Skin
Fire Dagger Skin.png Fire Dagger Skin
Fire Fan Skin.png Fire Fan Skin
Fire Sword Skin.png Fire Sword Skin
Light Blade.png Light Blade
Light Dagger.png Light Dagger
Light Bow.png Light Bow
Light Glaive.png Light Glaive
Light Bell.png Light Bell
Light Fan.png Light Fan
Equus Nocturnus.png Equus Nocturnus
Spectral Steed.png Spectral Steed

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September 2019

Image Item
41969.png Black DeathFlower
41970.png Blue DeathFlower
41960.png Black Night Luna
41961.png Yellow Night Luna
41962.png Red Night Luna
41964.png Hanfu(Orange/Black)
Black Luna Hair(M).png Black Luna Hair (M)
Black Luna Hair(F).png Black Luna Hair(F)
Black Luna Mask.png Black Luna Mask
Yellow Luna Hair(M).png Blond Luna Hair(M)
Yellow Luna Hair(F).png Blond Luna Hair(F)
Yellow Luna Mask.png Yellow Luna Mask
Red Luna Hair(M).png Red Luna Hair(M)
Red Luna Hair(F).png Red Luna Hair(F)
Red Luna Mask.png Red Luna Mask
45551.png Blue DeathFlower Hair (M)
45552.png Blue DeathFlower Hair (F)
45553.png Black DeathFlower Hair (M)
45554.png Black DeathFlower Hair (F)
Red DeathFlower Hair (M).png Red DeathFlower Hair (M)
Red DeathFlower Hair (F).png Red DeathFlower Hair (F)
40061.png Dragon Sword Skin
40062.png Dragon Dagger Skin
40063.png Dragon Bow Skin
40064.png Dragon Blade Skin
40065.png Dragon Bell Skin
40066.png Dragon Fan Skin

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October 2019

Image Item
48001.png Amenadiel Wings
48002.png Demonic Wings
48000.png Lucifer Wings
48006.png Yellow Lucifer Wings
48007.png Turquoise Lucifer Wings
48008.png Red Lucifer Wings
48009.png Purple Lucifer Wings
48010.png Pink Lucifer Wings
48011.png Light-blue Lucifer Wings
48012.png Blue Lucifer Wings
48020.png Red Fairy Wings
48021.png Purple Fairy Wings
48022.png Green Fairy Wings
48023.png Blue Fairy Wings
40021.png Demonic Blade Skin
40022.png Demonic Dagger Skin
40023.png Demonic Bow Skin
40024.png Demonic Glaive Skin
40025.png Demonic Bell Skin
40026.png Demonic Fan Skin
41963.png Hanfu(White)
41965.png Akatsuki Costume
41966.png Hanfu(Orange)
41967.png Hanfu(Beige)
41905.png Steampunk Costume (M)
41906.png Steampunk Costume (F)
45531.png Steampunk Hat(M)
45532.png Steampunk Hair(F)
41909.png Sparta Costume (M)
41910.png Sparta Costume (F)
45535.png Sparta Helmet (M)
45536.png Sparta Helmet (F)
45533.png Pirate Cap(M)
45534.png Pirate Cap(F)
41907.png Pirate Costume (M)
41908.png Pirate Costume (F)
45563.png Purple Man Bun
45564.png Red Man Bun
45565.png Brown Man Bun
45566.png Black Man Bun
45559.png Purple Curly Pigtail
45560.png Red Curly Pigtail
45561.png Brown Curly Pigtail
45562.png Black Curly Pigtail
45555.png Purple Top Knot
45556.png Red Top Knot
45557.png Brown Top Knot
45558.png Black Top Knot
45567.png Purple Knot Pigtail
45568.png Red Knot Pigtail
45569.png Brown Knot Pigtail
45570.png Black Knot Pigtail
71308.png Red Wild Cat
71309.png Green Wild Cat
71310.png Purple Wild Cat

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November 2019

Image Item
41976.png Kirito Outfit (SAO)
41977.png Asuna Outfit (SAO)
48026.png Regina Wings
48027.png Pink Regina Wings
48028.png Blue Regina Wings
45575.png Red Natural Hair
45576.png White Natural Hair
45577.png Black Natural Hair
45578.png Blond Natural Hair
45579.png Red Chinese Hair
45580.png White Chinese Hair
45581.png Black Chinese Hair
45582.png Blond Chinese Hair
40191.png Ice Sword Skin
40192.png Ice Dagger Skin
40193.png Ice Bow Skin
40194.png Ice Blade Skin
40195.png Ice Bell Skin
40196.png Ice Fan Skin
40071.png Oceanic Sword Skin
40072.png Oceanic Dagger Skin
40073.png Oceanic Bow Skin
40074.png Oceanic Blade Skin
40075.png Oceanic Bell Skin
40076.png Oceanic Fan Skin
40078.png Oceanic Bilbo Skin
40079.png Oceanic Rapier Skin
71322.png Frost Bird
53041.png Kittey
53042.png Fat Panda
53043.png Unicorn

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December 2019

Image Item
48005.png Red Amenadiel Wings
48029.png Silver Armory Wings
48030.png Red Armory Wings
48031.png Gold Armory Wings
41978.png Silver Armory Suit(M)
41979.png Silver Armory Dress(F)
41980.png Red Armory Suit(M)
41981.png Red Armory Dress(F)
41982.png Gold Armory Suit(M)
41983.png Gold Armory Dress(F)
45583.png Silver Armory Helmet(M)
45584.png Silver Armory Helmet(F)
45585.png Red Armory Helmet(M)
45586.png Red Armory Helmet(F)
45587.png Gold Armory Helmet(M)
45588.png Gold Armory Helmet(F)
40200.png Silver Armory Sword Skin
40201.png Silver Armory Dagger Skin
40202.png Silver Armory Bow Skin
40203.png Silver Armory Blade Skin
40204.png Silver Armory Bell Skin
40205.png Silver Armory Fan Skin
40206.png Red Armory Sword Skin
40207.png Red Armory Dagger Skin
40208.png Red Armory Bow Skin
40209.png Red Armory Blade Skin
40210.png Red Armory Bell Skin
40211.png Red Armory Fan Skin
40212.png Gold Armory Sword Skin
40213.png Gold Armory Dagger Skin
40214.png Gold Armory Bow Skin
40215.png Gold Armory Blade Skin
40216.png Gold Armory Bell Skin
40217.png Gold Armory Fan Skin
71311.png White Manticore
71312.png Yellow Manticore
71313.png Blue Manticore
Red Dragon.png Red Dragon
Brown Fox.png Brown Fox
Blue Fox.png Blue Fox

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January 2020

Image Item
48033.png Red Star Wings
48035.png Yellow Star Wings
48037.png Blue Star Wings
48040.png Pink Star Wings
53056.png Fire Jumper
53057.png Ice Jumper
71330.png Fire Horse
71331.png Ice Horse
41992.png Red Winter Outfit(M)
41994.png Yellow Winter Outfit(M)
41996.png Blue Winter Outfit(M)
Pink Winter Outfit(M).png Pink Winter Outfit(M)
41998.png Red Winter Outfit(F)
42000.png Yellow Winter Outfit(F)
42002.png Blue Winter Outfit(F)
42005.png Pink Winter Outfit(F)
45608.png Pink Padded Beanie(F)
45605.png Blue Padded Beanie(F)
45603.png Yellow Padded Beanie(F)
45601.png Red Padded Beanie(F)
45599.png Blue Padded Beanie(M)
45597.png Yellow Padded Beanie(M)
45595.png Red Padded Beanie(M)
Pink Padded Beanie(M).png Pink Padded Beanie(M)
40234.png Red Sky Sword Skin
40235.png Red Sky Dagger Skin
40236.png Red Sky Bow Skin
40237.png Red Sky Blade Skin
40238.png Red Sky Bell Skin
40239.png Red Sky Fan Skin
40246.png Yellow Sky Sword Skin
40247.png Yellow Sky Dagger Skin
40248.png Yellow Sky Bow Skin
40249.png Yellow Sky Blade Skin
40250.png Yellow Sky Bell Skin
40251.png Yellow Sky Fan Skin
40258.png Blue Sky Sword Skin
40259.png Blue Sky Dagger Skin
40260.png Blue Sky Bow Skin
40261.png Blue Sky Blade Skin
40262.png Blue Sky Bell Skin
40263.png Blue Sky Fan Skin
40276.png Pink Sky Sword Skin
40277.png Pink Sky Dagger Skin
40278.png Pink Sky Bow Skin
40279.png Pink Sky Blade Skin
40280.png Pink Sky Bell Skin
40281.png Pink Sky Fan Skin

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February 2020

Image Item
48041.png Golden Thorn Wings
48042.png Bloody Thorn Wings
48043.png Ice Thorn Wings
48044.png Yellow Solar Wing
48045.png Red Solar Wing
48046.png Blue Solar Wing
48038.png White Star Wings
42003.png White Winter Outfit(F)
41997.png White Winter Outfit(M)
Black Pirate Suit(M).png Black Pirate Suit(M)
Black Pirate Suit(F).png Black Pirate Suit(F)
42018.png Shinsoo Pirate Suit(M)
42019.png Shinsoo Pirate Suit(F)
42023.png Jinno Pirate Suit(M)
42024.png Jinno Pirate Suit(F)
42025.png Chunjo Pirate Suit(M)
42026.png Chunjo Pirate Suit(F)
42020.png Death Knight(M)
42021.png Death Knight(F)
45611.png Grey Fantasy Hair(M)
45612.png Red Fantasy Hair(M)
45614.png Blond Fantasy Hair(M)
45615.png Blue Fantasy Hair(M)
45616.png Grey Fantasy Hair(F)
45617.png Red Fantasy Hair(F)
45619.png Blond Fantasy Hair(F)
45620.png Blue Fantasy Hair(F)
45606.png White Padded Beanie(F)
45600.png White Padded Beanie(M)
40282.png Strom Sword Skin
40283.png Strom Dagger Skin
40284.png Strom Bow Skin
40285.png Strom Blade Skin
40286.png Strom Bell Skin
40287.png Strom Fan Skin
40264.png White Sky Sword Skin
40265.png White Sky Dagger Skin
40266.png White Sky Bow Skin
40267.png White Sky Blade Skin
40268.png White Sky Bell Skin
40269.png White Sky Fan Skin
Fire Beast.png Fire Beast
Ice Beast.png Ice Beast
Snow Beast.png Snow Beast
Golden Beast.png Golden Beast
53058.png Red Boxing Kangaroo
53059.png Blue Boxing Kangaroo
53060.png Pirate Monkey

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March 2020

Image Item
48052.png Red Demon Wing
48053.png Black Demon Wing
42040.png Red Demon Outfit
42041.png Black Demon Outfit
40323.png Demon Sword Skin
40324.png Demon Dagger Skin
40325.png Demon Bow Skin
40326.png Demon Blade Skin
40327.png Demon Bell Skin
40328.png Demon Fan Skin
45635.png Red Demon Hair(M)
45636.png Red Demon Hair(F)
45637.png Black Demon Hair(M)
45638.png Black Demon Hair(F)
71341.png Red Lynx
71342.png Blue Lynx
53067.png Magician Bunny
53068.png Red Spider
53069.png Blue Spider

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April 2020

Image Item
48058.png Red Impulse Wings
48059.png Gold-Blue Impulse Wings
48060.png Gold-White Impulse Wings
48061.png Gold-Black Impulse Wings
48062.png Red-Green Impulse Wings
48063.png Ice Blue Impulse Wings
42047.png Red Impulse Outfit
42048.png Gold-Blue Impulse Outfit
42049.png Gold-White Impulse Outfit
42050.png Gold-Black Impulse Outfit
42051.png Red-Green Impulse Outfit
42052.png Ice Blue Impulse Outfit
42053.png Wrath Outfit
42054.png Blue Wrath Outfit
42055.png White Wrath Outfit
42056.png Purple Wrath Outfit
Golden Chronos Sword Skin.png Golden Chronos Sword Skin
Golden Chronos Dagger Skin.png Golden Chronos Dagger Skin
Golden Chronos Bow Skin.png Golden Chronos Bow Skin
Golden Chronos Glaive Skin.png Golden Chronos Glaive Skin
Golden Chronos Bell Skin.png Golden Chronos Bell Skin
Golden Chronos Fan Skin.png Golden Chronos Fan Skin
Silver Chronos Sword Skin.png Silver Chronos Sword Skin
Silver Chronos Dagger Skin.png Silver Chronos Dagger Skin
Silver Chronos Bow Skin.png Silver Chronos Bow Skin
Silver Chronos Glaive Skin.png Silver Chronos Glaive Skin
Silver Chronos Bell Skin.png Silver Chronos Bell Skin
Silver Chronos Fan Skin.png Silver Chronos Fan Skin
Wrath Hair(M).png Wrath Hair(M)
Wrath Hair(F).png Wrath Hair(F)
White Wrath Hair(M).png White Wrath Hair(M)
White Wrath Hair(F).png White Wrath Hair(F)
Purple Wrath Hair(M).png Purple Wrath Hair(M)
Purple Wrath Hair(F).png Purple Wrath Hair(F)
Blue Wrath Hair(M).png Blue Wrath Hair(M)
Blue Wrath Hair(F).png Blue Wrath Hair(F)
45647.png Red Impulse Hair(M)
45648.png Red Impulse Hair(F)
45649.png Gold-Blue Impulse Hair(M)
45650.png Gold-Blue Impulse Hair(F)
45651.png Gold White Impulse Hair(M)
45652.png Gold White Impulse Hair(F)
45653.png Gold Black Impulse Hair(M)
45654.png Gold Black Impulse Hair(F)
45655.png Green Impulse Hair(M)
45656.png Green Impulse Hair(F)
45657.png Ice Blue Impulse Hair(M)
45658.png Ice Blue Impulse Hair(F)
Red Supreme Dragon.png Red Supreme Dragon
Blue Supreme Dragon.png Blue Supreme Dragon
Yellow KunKun.png Yellow KunKun
Purple KunKun.png Purple KunKun
Durion.png Durion

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May 2020

Image Item
Black Underworld Wing.png Black Underworld Wing
Yellow Underworld Wing.png Yellow Underworld Wing
Red Underworld Wing.png Red Underworld Wing
Jade Dragon Highroller Wing.png Jade Dragon Highroller Wing
Cremisi Pink Highroller Wing.png Cremisi Pink Highroller Wing
Dark Ice Highroller Wing.png Dark Ice Highroller Wing
Dark Invisible Highroller Wing.png Dark Invisible Highroller Wing
Dark Nature Highroller Wing.png Dark Nature Highroller Wing
Dark Sky Highroller Wing.png Dark Sky Highroller Wing
Dark Sun Highroller Wing.png Dark Sun Highroller Wing
Flame Highroller Wing.png Flame Highroller Wing
Ice Highroller Wing.png Ice Highroller Wing
Light Invisible Highroller Wing.png Light Invisible Highroller Wing
Light Nature Highroller Wing.png Light Nature Highroller Wing
Light Pink Highroller Wing.png Light Pink Highroller Wing
Light Sky Highroller Wing.png Light Sky Highroller Wing
Sky Highroller Wing.png Sky Highroller Wing
Space Highroller Wing.png Space Highroller Wing
Blue Highroller Suit.png Blue Highroller Suit
Red Highroller Suit.png Red Highroller Suit
Dark Underworld Costume.png Dark Underworld Costume
Red Underworld Costume.png Red Underworld Costume
Yellow Underworld Costume.png Yellow Underworld Costume
Hot Bell Skin.png Hot Bell Skin
Hot Bow Skin.png Hot Bow Skin
Hot Dagger Skin.png Hot Dagger Skin
Hot Fan Skin.png Hot Fan Skin
Hot Glaive Skin.png Hot Glaive Skin
Hot Sword Skin.png Hot Sword Skin
Red Highroller Hair(M).png Red Highroller Hair(M)
Blonde Highroller Hair(M).png Blonde Highroller Hair(M)
White Highroller Hair(M).png White Highroller Hair(M)
Blue Highroller Hair(M).png Blue Highroller Hair(M)
Red Underworld Helmet(M).png Red Underworld Helmet(M)
Yellow Underworld Helmet(M).png Yellow Underworld Helmet(M)
Dark Underworld Helmet(M).png Dark Underworld Helmet(M)
Red Highroller Hair(F).png Red Highroller Hair(F)
Blond Highroller Hair(F).png Blond Highroller Hair(F)
White Highroller Hair(F).png White Highroller Hair(F)
Blue Highroller Hair(F).png Blue Highroller Hair(F)
Red Underworld Crown(F).png Red Underworld Crown(F)
Blonde Underworld Crown(F).png Blonde Underworld Crown(F)
Dark Underworld Crown(F).png Dark Underworld Crown(F)
Snow Wolf.png Snow Wolf
Dark Wolf.png Dark Wolf
Green Slime.png Green Slime
Yellow Slime.png Yellow Slime
Beauty Shaman.png Beauty Shaman

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June 2020

Image Item
Sky Blue Emperial Wings.png Sky Blue Emperial Wings
Green Emperial Wings.png Green Emperial Wings
Purple Emperial Wings.png Purple Emperial Wings
Orange Emperial Wings.png Orange Emperial Wings
Violet Emperial Wings.png Violet Emperial Wings
Yellow Emperial Wings.png Yellow Emperial Wings
Black Insect Wings.png Black Insect Wings
Blue Insect Wings.png Blue Insect Wings
Orange Insect Wings.png Orange Insect Wings
Purple Insect Wings.png Purple Insect Wings
Green Insect Wings.png Green Insect Wings
Dark Highknight Wings.png Dark Highknight Wings
Yellow Highknight Wings.png Yellow Highknight Wings
Light Highknight Wings.png Light Highknight Wings
White Thin Outfit(M).png White Thin Outfit(M)
White Thin Outfit(F).png White Thin Outfit(F)
Thin Outfit(M).png Thin Outfit(M)
Thin Outfit(F).png Thin Outfit(F)
Red Thin Outfit(M).png Red Thin Outfit(M)
Red Thin Outfit(F).png Red Thin Outfit(F)
Jade Emperial Outfit.png Jade Emperial Outfit
Light Emperial Outfit.png Light Emperial Outfit
Oceanic Emperial Outfit.png Oceanic Emperial Outfit
Yellow Emperial Outfit.png Yellow Emperial Outfit
Luxurious Emperial Outfit.png Luxurious Emperial Outfit
Dark Highknight Outfit.png Dark Highknight Outfit
Yellow Highknight Outfit.png Yellow Highknight Outfit
Light Highknight Outfit.png Light Highknight Outfit
Dark Visage Sword Skin.png Dark Visage Sword Skin
Dark Visage Dagger Skin.png Dark Visage Dagger Skin
Dark Visage Bow Skin.png Dark Visage Bow Skin
Dark Visage Glaive Skin.png Dark Visage Glaive Skin
Dark Visage Bell Skin.png Dark Visage Bell Skin
Dark Visage Fan Skin.png Dark Visage Fan Skin
Frosty Visage Sword Skin.png Frosty Visage Sword Skin
Frosty Visage Dagger Skin.png Frosty Visage Dagger Skin
Frosty Visage Bow Skin.png Frosty Visage Bow Skin
Frosty Visage Glaive Skin.png Frosty Visage Glaive Skin
Frosty Visage Bell Skin.png Frosty Visage Bell Skin
Frosty Visage Fan Skin.png Frosty Visage Fan Skin
Blue Emperial Hair(F).png Blue Emperial Hair(F)
Brown Emperial Hair(F).png Brown Emperial Hair(F)
Red Emperial Hair(F).png Red Emperial Hair(F)
Black Emperial Hair(F).png Black Emperial Hair(F)
Blonde Emperial Hair(F).png Blonde Emperial Hair(F)
White Emperial Hair(F).png White Emperial Hair(F)
Black Emperial Hair(M).png Black Emperial Hair(M)
Blonde Emperial Hair(M).png Blonde Emperial Hair(M)
Blue Emperial Hair(M).png Blue Emperial Hair(M)
Brown Emperial Hair(M).png Brown Emperial Hair(M)
Red Emperial Hair(M).png Red Emperial Hair(M)
White Emperial Hair(M).png White Emperial Hair(M)
Snow Lama.png Snow Lama
Brown Lama.png Brown Lama
Brown Awaken HealSpirit.png Brown Awaken HealSpirit
Pink Awaken HealSpirit.png Pink Awaken HealSpirit
Baba Hooka.png Baba Hooka

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July 2020

Image Item
Atomic Devotion Wings.png Atomic Devotion Wings
Dark Devotion Wings.png Dark Devotion Wings
Oceanic Devotion Wings.png Oceanic Devotion Wings
White Devotion Wings.png White Devotion Wings
Orange Conqueror Wings.png Orange Conqueror Wings
Blue Conqueror Wings.png Blue Conqueror Wings
Pink Conqueror Wings.png Pink Conqueror Wings
Atomic Devotion Outfit.png Atomic Devotion Outfit
Dark Devotion Outfit.png Dark Devotion Outfit
Oceanic Devotion Outfit.png Oceanic Devotion Outfit
Classic Devotion Outfit.png Classic Devotion Outfit
Purple Conqueror Suit.png Purple Conqueror Suit
Blue Conqueror Suit.png Blue Conqueror Suit
Red Conqueror Suit.png Red Conqueror Suit
Green Knight Scythe Skin.png Green Knight Scythe Skin
Green Knight Bell Skin.png Green Knight Bell Skin
Green Knight Bow Skin.png Green Knight Bow Skin
Green Knight Sword Skin.png Green Knight Sword Skin
Green Knight Staff Skin.png Green Knight Staff Skin
Green Knight Fan Skin.png Green Knight Fan Skin
Green Knight Glaive Skin.png Green Knight Glaive Skin
Green Knight Dagger Skin.png Green Knight Dagger Skin
Yellow Knight Scythe Skin.png Yellow Knight Scythe Skin
Yellow Knight Fan Skin.png Yellow Knight Fan Skin
Yellow Knight Glaive Skin.png Yellow Knight Glaive Skin
Yellow Knight Dagger Skin.png Yellow Knight Dagger Skin
Yellow Knight Staff Skin.png Yellow Knight Staff Skin
Yellow Knight Bell Skin.png Yellow Knight Bell Skin
Yellow Knight Bow Skin.png Yellow Knight Bow Skin
Yellow Knight Sword Skin.png Yellow Knight Sword Skin
Red Conqueror Hair(M).png Red Conqueror Hair(M)
Red Conqueror Hair(F).png Red Conqueror Hair(F)
Pink Conqueror Hair(M).png Pink Conqueror Hair(M)
Pink Conqueror Hair(F).png Pink Conqueror Hair(F)
Orange Conqueror Hair(M).png Orange Conqueror Hair(M)
Orange Conqueror Hair(F).png Orange Conqueror Hair(F)
Dark Conqueror Hair(M).png Dark Conqueror Hair(M)
Dark Conqueror Hair(F).png Dark Conqueror Hair(F)
Blue Conqueror Hair(M).png Blue Conqueror Hair(M)
Blue Conqueror Hair(F).png Blue Conqueror Hair(F)
Blue Cavalier Dam.png Blue Cavalier Dam
Pink Cavalier Dam.png Pink Cavalier Dam
Blue Aviator Bunny.png Blue Aviator Bunny
Pink Aviator Bunny.png Pink Aviator Bunny
Hog Rider.png Hog Rider

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August 2020

Image Item
Green Festive Wing.png Green Festive Wing
Purple Festive Wing.png Purple Festive Wing
Red Festive Wing.png Red Festive Wing
Yellow Festive Wing.png Yellow Festive Wing
Hypster Punk Rock Wing.png Hypster Punk Rock Wing
RGB Punk Rock Wing.png RGB Punk Rock Wing
Wild Punk Rock Wing.png Wild Punk Rock Wing
Classic Punk Rock Wing.png Classic Punk Rock Wing
Wild Punk Rock Outfit.png Wild Punk Rock Outfit
RGB Punk Rock Outfit.png RGB Punk Rock Outfit
Hypster Punk Rock Outfit.png Hypster Punk Rock Outfit
Classic Punk Rock Outfit.png Classic Punk Rock Outfit
Yellow Festive Tunic.png Yellow Festive Tunic
Red Festive Tunic.png Red Festive Tunic
Green Festive Tunic.png Green Festive Tunic
Purple Festive Tunic.png Purple Festive Tunic
RGB Electro Blade Skin.png RGB Electro Blade Skin
RGB Electro Bell Skin.png RGB Electro Bell Skin
RGB Electro Bow Skin.png RGB Electro Bow Skin
RGB Electro Staff Skin.png RGB Electro Staff Skin
RGB Electro Fan Skin.png RGB Electro Fan Skin
RGB Electro Glaive Skin.png RGB Electro Glaive Skin
RGB Electro Dagger Skin.png RGB Electro Dagger Skin
RGB Electro Sword Skin.png RGB Electro Sword Skin
Fire Core Staff Skin.png Fire Core Staff Skin
Fire Core Scythe Skin.png Fire Core Scythe Skin
Fire Core Bell Skin.png Fire Core Bell Skin
Fire Core Bow Skin.png Fire Core Bow Skin
Fire Core Sword Skin.png Fire Core Sword Skin
Fire Core Fan Skin.png Fire Core Fan Skin
Fire Core Glaive Skin.png Fire Core Glaive Skin
Fire Core Dagger Skin.png Fire Core Dagger Skin
Turquoise Electro Staff Skin.png Turquoise Electro Staff Skin
Turquoise Electro Fan Skin.png Turquoise Electro Fan Skin
Turquoise Electro Glaive Skin.png Turquoise Electro Glaive Skin
Turquoise Electro Dagger Skin.png Turquoise Electro Dagger Skin
Turquoise Electro Blade Skin.png Turquoise Electro Blade Skin
Turquoise Electro Bell Skin.png Turquoise Electro Bell Skin
Turquoise Electro Bow Skin.png Turquoise Electro Bow Skin
Turquoise Electro Sword Skin.png Turquoise Electro Sword Skin
Green Festive Mask.png Green Festive Mask
Purple Festive Mask.png Purple Festive Mask
Red Festive Mask.png Red Festive Mask
Yellow Festive Mask.png Yellow Festive Mask
Wild Punk Rock Hair(M).png Wild Punk Rock Hair(M)
Wild Punk Rock Hair(F).png Wild Punk Rock Hair(F)
RGB Punk Rock Hair(M).png RGB Punk Rock Hair(M)
RGB Punk Rock Hair(F).png RGB Punk Rock Hair(F)
Hypster Punk Rock Hair(M).png Hypster Punk Rock Hair(M)
Hypster Punk Rock Hair(F).png Hypster Punk Rock Hair(F)
Classic Punk Rock Hair(M).png Classic Punk Rock Hair(M)
Classic Punk Rock Hair(F).png Classic Punk Rock Hair(F)
Ice Dragon.png Ice Dragon
Fire Dragon.png Fire Dragon
Blue Abomination Hand.png Blue Abomination Hand
Green Abomination Hand.png Green Abomination Hand
Homuculus Smurf.png Homuculus Smurf

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September 2020

Image Item
Navy Blue Outlaw Wings.png Navy Blue Outlaw Wings
Grey Outlaw Wings.png Grey Outlaw Wings
Blue Outlaw Wings.png Blue Outlaw Wings
Black Outlaw Wings.png Black Outlaw Wings
Purple Outlaw Wings.png Purple Outlaw Wings
Dark Purple Outlaw Wings.png Dark Purple Outlaw Wings
Light Purple Outlaw Wings.png Light Purple Outlaw Wings
White Outlaw Wings.png White Outlaw Wings
Red Outlaw Wings.png Red Outlaw Wings
White Dr. Octopus' Tentacles.png White Dr. Octopus' Tentacles
Purple Dr. Octopus' Tentacles.png Purple Dr. Octopus' Tentacles
Brown Dr. Octopus' Tentacles.png Brown Dr. Octopus' Tentacles
Blue Dr. Octopus' Tentacles.png Blue Dr. Octopus' Tentacles
Light Outlaw suit.png Light Outlaw suit
Dark Outlaw Suit.png Dark Outlaw Suit
White Karate Suit.png White Karate Suit
Purple Karate Suit.png Purple Karate Suit
Brown Karate Suit.png Brown Karate Suit
Black Karate Suit.png Black Karate Suit
Ghost Blade Sword Skin.png Ghost Blade Sword Skin
Ghost Blade Staff Skin.png Ghost Blade Staff Skin
Ghost Blade Scythe Skin.png Ghost Blade Scythe Skin
Ghost Blade Glaive Skin.png Ghost Blade Glaive Skin
Ghost Blade Fan Skin.png Ghost Blade Fan Skin
Ghost Blade Dagger Skin.png Ghost Blade Dagger Skin
Ghost Blade Bow Skin.png Ghost Blade Bow Skin
Ghost Blade Bell Skin.png Ghost Blade Bell Skin
White Theathral Eye Mask.png White Theathral Eye Mask
Red Theathral Eye Mask.png Red Theathral Eye Mask
Blue Theathral Eye Mask.png Blue Theathral Eye Mask
Black Theathral Eye Mask.png Black Theathral Eye Mask
White Outlaw Hair(M).png White Outlaw Hair(M)
White Outlaw Hair(F).png White Outlaw Hair(F)
Red Outlaw Hair(M).png Red Outlaw Hair(M)
Red Outlaw Hair(F).png Red Outlaw Hair(F)
Purple Outlaw Hair(F).png Purple Outlaw Hair(F)
Navy Outlaw Hair(M).png Navy Outlaw Hair(M)
Light Purple Outlaw Hair(F).png Light Purple Outlaw Hair(F)
Grey Outlaw Hair(M).png Grey Outlaw Hair(M)
Dark Purple Outlaw Hair(F).png Dark Purple Outlaw Hair(F)
Blue Outlaw Hair(M).png Blue Outlaw Hair(M)
Black Outlaw Hair(M).png Black Outlaw Hair(M)
Black Outlaw Hair(F).png Black Outlaw Hair(F)
Ice Armored Dog.png Ice Armored Dog
Fire Armored Dog.png Fire Armored Dog
Angry Ice Lion.png Angry Ice Lion
Angry Fire Lion.png Angry Fire Lion
Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit

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October 2020

Image Item
White Butterfly Wings.png White Butterfly Wings
Blue Butterfly Wings.png Blue Butterfly Wings
Green Butterfly Wings.png Green Butterfly Wings
Pink Butterfly Wings.png Pink Butterfly Wings
Black Butterfly Wings.png Black Butterfly Wings
Angel & Devil Wings.png Angel & Devil Wings
Fire & Ice Wings.png Fire & Ice Wings
Gold Zoadiac Sword Skin.png Gold Zodiac Sword Skin
Frost Zodiac Sword Skin.png Frost Zodiac Sword Skin
Bronze Zodiac Sword Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Sword Skin
Amethyst Rune Sword Skin.png Amethyst Rune Sword Skin
Emerald Rune Sword Skin.png Emerald Rune Sword Skin
Gold Zoadiac Glaive Skin.png Gold Zodiac Glaive Skin
Frost Zodiac Glaive Skin.png Frost Zodiac Glaive Skin
Bronze Zodiac Glaive Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Glaive Skin
Emerald Solar Glaive Skin.png Emerald Solar Glaive Skin
Amethyst Solar Glaive Skin.png Amethyst Solar Glaive Skin
Gold Zoadiac Blade Skin.png Gold Zoadiac Blade Skin
Frost Zodiac Blade Skin.png Frost Zodiac Blade Skin
Bronze Zodiac Blade Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Blade Skin
Amethyst Tooth Blade Skin.png Amethyst Tooth Blade Skin
Emerald Tooth Blade Skin.png Emerald Tooth Blade Skin
Gold Zoadiac Dagger Skin.png Gold Zoadiac Dagger Skin
Frost Zodiac Dagger Skin.png Frost Zodiac Dagger Skin
Bronze Zodiac Dagger Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Dagger Skin
Emerald Element Dagger Skin.png Emerald Element Dagger Skin
Amethyst Element Dagger Skin.png Amethyst Element Dagger Skin
Gold Zoadiac Bow Skin.png Gold Zoadiac Bow Skin
Frost Zodiac Bow Skin.png Frost Zodiac Bow Skin
Bronze Zodiac Bow Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Bow Skin
Emerald Phoenix Bow Skin.png Emerald Phoenix Bow Skin
Amethyst Phoenix Bow Skin.png Amethyst Phoenix Bow Skin
Gold Zoadiac Fan Skin.png Gold Zoadiac Fan Skin
Frost Zodiac Fan Skin.png Frost Zodiac Fan Skin
Bronze Zodiac Fan Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Fan Skin
Emerald Dragon Fan Skin.png Emerald Dragon Fan Skin
Amethyst Dragon Fan Skin.png Amethyst Dragon Fan Skin
Gold Zoadiac Bell Skin.png Gold Zoadiac Bell Skin
Frost Zodiac Bell Skin.png Frost Zodiac Bell Skin
Bronze Zodiac Bell Skin.png Bronze Zodiac Bell Skin
Emerald Ghost Bell Skin.png Emerald Ghost Bell Skin
Amethyst Ghost Bell Skin.png Amethyst Ghost Bell Skin
Casual Black Outfit.png Casual Black Outfit
Casual Blue Outfit.png Casual Blue Outfit
Casual Green Outfit.png Casual Green Outfit
Casual Pink Outfit.png Casual Pink Outfit
Casual White Outfit.png Casual White Outfit
Purple Wushu Suit.png Purple Wushu Suit
Red Wushu Suit.png Red Wushu Suit
Turqoise Wushu Suit.png Turqoise Wushu Suit
White Wizard Hat(M).png White Wizard Hat(M)
White Wiard Hat(F).png White Wizard Hat(F)
Turquoise Fancy Hair(M).png Turquoise Fancy Hair(M)
Turquoise Fancy Hair(F).png Turquoise Fancy Hair(F)
Purple Fancy Hair(M).png Purple Fancy Hair(M)
Purple Fancy Hair(F).png Purple Fancy Hair(F)
Pink Wizard Hat(M).png Pink Wizard Hat(M)
Pink Wizard Hat(F).png Pink Wizard Hat(F)
Green Wizard Hat(M).png Green Wizard Hat(M)
Green Wizard Hat(F).png Green Wizard Hat(F)
Blue Wizard Hat(M).png Blue Wizard Hat(M)
Blue Wizard Hat(F).png Blue Wizard Hat(F)
Blond Fancy Hair(M).png Blond Fancy Hair(M)
Blond Fancy Hair(F).png Blond Fancy Hair(F)
Black Wizard Hat(M).png Black Wizard Hat(M)
Black Wizard Hat(F).png Black Wizard Hat(F)
Pumpkin Red Commander.png Pumpkin Red Commander
Pumpkin Blue COmmander.png Pumpkin Blue Commander
Mini Bat.png Mini Bat
Ice Cursed Bird.png Ice Cursed Bird
Fire Cursed Bird.png Fire Cursed Bird

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November 2020

Image Item
Emerald-Swallowtail Wings.png Emerald-Swallowtail Wings
Lycaena-Phlaeas Wings.png Lycaena-Phlaeas Wings
Elephant-Hawk Wings.png Elephant-Hawk Wings
Pink Butterfly Wings.png Pink Butterfly Wings
Apatura-Iris Wings.png Black Butterfly Wings
Blue-Morpho Wings.png Blue-Morpho Wings
Blue Cluster Wings.png Blue Cluster Wings
White Cluster Wings.png White Cluster Wings
Black Cluster Wings.png Black Cluster Wings
Brown Cluster Wings.png Brown Cluster Wings
Red Cluster Wings.png Red Cluster Wings
Grey Cluster Wings.png Grey Cluster Wings
Purple-Emperor Wing.png Purple-Emperor Wings
Death Sword Skin.png Death Sword Skin
Death Glaive Skin.png Death Glaive Skin
Death Blade Skin.png Death Blade Skin
Death Dagger Skin.png Death Dagger Skin
Death Staff Skin.png Death Staff Skin
Death Bell Skin.png Death Bell Skin
Death Bow Skin.png Death Bow Skin
Death Fan Skin.png Death Fan Skin
Blue Overcoat.png Blue Overcoat
White Overcoat.png White Overcoat
Black Overcoat.png Black Overcoat
Brown Overcoat.png Brown Overcoat
Red Overcoat.png Red Overcoat
Grey Overcoat.png Grey Overcoat
Treant Ghillie Suit.png Treant Ghillie Suit
Snow Ghillie Suit.png Snow Ghillie Suit
Desert Ghillie Suit.png Desert Ghillie Suit
Queen Royal Outfit.png Queen Royal Outfit
Frog Skin Outfit.png Frog Skin Outfit
Disruptive Ocean Outfit.png Disruptive Ocean Outfit
Disruptive Army Outfit.png Disruptive Army Outfit
Air Force Outfit.png Air Force Outfit
Ocean Marine Outfit.png Ocean Marine Outfit
Air Force Outfit.png Air Force Outfit
White Hipster Hair(M).png White Hipster Hair(M)
White Hipster Hair(F).png White Hipster Hair(F)
Red Hipster Hair(M).png Red Hipster Hair(M)
Red Hipster Hair(F).png Red Hipster Hair(F)
Purple Hipster Hair(M).png Purple Hipster Hair(M)
Purple Hipster Hair(F).png Purple Hipster Hair(F)
Blue Hipster Hair(M).png Blue Hipster Hair(M)
Blue Hipster Hair(F).png Blue Hipster Hair(F)
Blond Hipster Hair(M).png Blond Hipster Hair(M)
Blond Hipster Hair(F).png Blond Hipster Hair(F)
Black Hipster Hair(M).png Black Hipster Hair(M)
Black Hipster Hair(F).png Black Hipster Hair(F)
White Overcoat Hood.png White Overcoat Hood
Red Overcoat Hood.png Red Overcoat Hood
Grey Overcoat Hood.png Grey Overcoat Hood
Brown Overcoat Hood.png Brown Overcoat Hood
Blue Overcoat Hood.png Blue Overcoat Hood
Black Overcoat Hood.png Black Overcoat Hood
Queen Royal Hood.png Queen Royal Hood
Ocean Marine Hood.png Ocean Marine Hood
Frog Skin Hood.png Frog Skin Hood
Disruptive Ocean Hood.png Disruptive Ocean Hood
Disruptive Army Hood.png Disruptive Army Hood
Air Force Hood.png Air Force Hood
Squarred Shemagh.png Squarred Shemagh
Pewdiepie Shemagh.png Pewdiepie Shemagh
Leopard Shemagh.png Leopard Shemagh
Gangsta Shemagh.png Gangsta Shemagh
Grey Cat.png Grey Cat
Black Cat.png Black Cat
Colonel Cuddles.png Colonel Cuddles
Grizzly Bear.png Grizzly Bear
Panda Bear.png Panda Bear

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December 2020

Image Item
Adromeda Fantasy Wings.png Adromeda Fantasy Wings
Chromatic Fantasy Wings.png Chromatic Fantasy Wings
Cryogenic Fantasy Wings.png Cryogenic Fantasy Wings
Crystalized Fantasy Wings.png Crystalized Fantasy Wings
Eliptical Fantasy Wings.png Eliptical Fantasy Wings
Eternal Fantasy Wings.png Eternal Fantasy Wings
Flux Fantasy Wings.png Flux Fantasy Wings
Frozen Fantasy Wings.png Frozen Fantasy Wings
Galaxy Fantasy Wings.png Galaxy Fantasy Wings
Imaculate Fantasy Wings.png Imaculate Fantasy Wings
Invasion Fantasy Wings.png Invasion Fantasy Wings
Light Fantasy Wings.png Light Fantasy Wings
Magellanic Fantasy Wings.png Magellanic Fantasy Wings
Magma Fantasy Wings.png Magma Fantasy Wings
Nature Fantasy Wings.png Nature Fantasy Wings
Obsidian Fantasy Wings.png Obsidian Fantasy Wings
Purpura Fantasy Wings.png Purpura Fantasy Wings
Specular Fantasy Wings.png Specular Fantasy Wings
Toxic Fantasy Wings.png Toxic Fantasy Wings
Tsunami Fantasy Wings.png Tsunami Fantasy Wings
Aqua Guardian Wings.png Aqua Guardian Wings
Black Guardian Wings.png Black Guardian Wings
Blue Guardian Wings.png Blue Guardian Wings
Green Guardian Wings.png Green Guardian Wings
Light Blue Guardian Wings.png Light Blue Guardian Wings
Light Green Guardian Wings.png Light Green Guardian Wings
Orange Guardian Wings.png Orange Guardian Wings
Pink Guardian Wings.png Pink Guardian Wings
Purple Guardian Wings.png Purple Guardian Wings
Red Guardian Wings.png Red Guardian Wings
White Guardian Wings.png White Guardian Wings
Yellow Guardian Wings.png Yellow Guardian Wings
Fantasy Storm Sword Skin.png Fantasy Storm Sword Skin
Nature Storm Sword Skin.png Nature Storm Sword Skin
Fantasy Storm Glaive Skin.png Fantasy Storm Glaive Skin
Nature Storm Glaive Skin.png Nature Storm Glaive Skin
Fantasy Storm Blade Skin.png Fantasy Storm Blade Skin
Nature Storm Blade Skin.png Nature Storm Blade Skin
Fantasy Storm Dagger Skin.png Fantasy Storm Dagger Skin
Nature Storm Dagger Skin.png Nature Storm Dagger Skin
Fantasy Storm Bow Skin.png Fantasy Storm Bow Skin
Nature Storm Bow Skin.png Nature Storm Bow Skin
Fantasy Storm Bell Skin.png Fantasy Storm Bell Skin
Nature Storm Bell Skin.png Nature Storm Bell Skin
Fantasy Storm Fan Skin.png Fantasy Storm Fan Skin
Nature Storm Fan Skin.png Nature Storm Fan Skin
Fantasy Storm Staff Skin.png Fantasy Storm Staff Skin
Nature Storm Staff Skin.png Nature Storm Staff Skin
Black Dragon Outfit.png Black Dragon Outfit
Blue Dragon Outfit.png Blue Dragon Outfit
Green Dragon Outfit.png Green Dragon Outfit
Purple Dragon Outfit.png Purple Dragon Outfit
Red Dragon Outfit.png Red Dragon Outfit
White Dragon Outfit.png White Dragon Outfit
Joker Outfit.png Joker Outfit
Harley Quinn Outfit.png Harley Quinn Outfit
Camo Hoodie.png Camo Hoodie
Orange Hoodie.png Orange Hoodie
Purple Hoodie.png Purple Hoodie
Sky Blue Hoodie.png Sky Blue Hoodie
Yellow Camo Hoodie.png Yellow Camo Hoodie
White Dragon Hair(M).png White Dragon Hair(M)
White Dragon Hair(F).png White Dragon Hair(F)
White Casual Hair(M).png White Casual Hair(M)
White Casual Hair(F).png White Casual Hair(F)
Red Dragon Hair(M).png Red Dragon Hair(M)
Red Dragon Hair(F).png Red Dragon Hair(F)
Purple Dragon Hair(M).png Purple Dragon Hair(M)
Purple Dragon Hair(F).png Purple Dragon Hair(F)
Joker Hair.png Joker Hair
Harley Quinn Hair.png Harley Quinn Hair
Green Dragon Hair(M).png Green Dragon Hair(M)
Green Dragon Hair(F).png Green Dragon Hair(F)
Ginger Casual Hair(M).png Ginger Casual Hair(M)
Ginger Casual Hair(F).png Ginger Casual Hair(F)
Brunette Casual Hair(M).png Brunette Casual Hair(M)
Brunette Casual Hair(F).png Brunette Casual Hair(F)
Blue Dragon Hair(M).png Blue Dragon Hair(M)
Blue Dragon Hair(F).png Blue Dragon Hair(F)
Blonde Casual Hair(M).png Blonde Casual Hair(M)
Blonde Casual Hair(F).png Blonde Casual Hair(F)
Black Dragon Hair(M).png Black Dragon Hair(M)
Black Dragon Hair(F).png Black Dragon Hair(F)
Black Casual Hair(M).png Black Casual Hair(M)
Black Casual Hair(F).png Black Casual Hair(F)
White Dragon Mask.png White Dragon Mask
Red Dragon Mask.png Red Dragon Mask
Purple Dragon Mask.png Purple Dragon Mask
Green Dragon Mask.png Green Dragon Mask
Blue Dragon Mask.png Blue Dragon Mask
Black Dragon Mask.png Black Dragon Mask
Black Assassin Mask.png Black Assassin Mask
Rose Magician Kuncun.png Rose Magician Kuncun
Blue Magician Kuncun.png Blue Magician Kuncun
Pepe.png Pepe
Baby Yoda.png Baby Yoda
White Duckling.png White Duckling
Black Duckling.png Black Duckling

Januaray 2021

Image Item
Guardian Angel Wing.png Guardian Angel Wing
Blue Shadow Wing.png Blue Shadow Wing
Dark-Purple Shadow Wing.png Dark-Purple Shadow Wing
Golden Shadow Wing.png Golden Shadow Wing
Grey Shadow Wing.png Grey Shadow Wing
Light-Purple Shadow Wing.png Light-Purple Shadow Wing
White Shadow Wing.png White Shadow Wing
Yellow Shadow Wing.png Yellow Shadow Wing
Eternal Flame Wing.png Eternal Flame Wing
Eternal Ice Wing.png Eternal Ice Wing
Flame Bare Wing.png Flame Bare Wing
Ice Bare Wing.png Ice Bare Wing
Eternal Flames Sword Skin.png Eternal Flames Sword Skin
Eternal Ice Sword Skin.png Eternal Ice Sword Skin
Eternal Flames Blade Skin.png Eternal Flames Blade Skin
Eternal Ice Blade Skin.png Eternal Ice Blade Skin
Eternal Flames Glaive Skin.png Eternal Flames Glaive Skin
Eternal Ice Glaive Skin.png Eternal Ice Glaive Skin
Eternal Flames Dagger Skin.png Eternal Flames Dagger Skin
Eternal Ice Dagger Skin.png Eternal Ice Dagger Skin
Eternal Flames Bow Skin.png Eternal Flames Bow Skin
Eternal Ice Bow Skin.png Eternal Ice Bow Skin
Eternal Flames Fan Skin.png Eternal Flames Fan Skin
Eternal Ice Fan Skin.png Eternal Ice Fan Skin
Eternal Flames Bell Skin.png Eternal Flames Bell Skin
Eternal Ice Bell Skin.png Eternal Ice Bell Skin
Red Shadow Outfit.png Red Shadow Outfit
Blue Shadow Outfit.png Blue Shadow Outfit
Green Shadow Outfit.png Green Shadow Outfit
Eternal Ice Outfit.png Eternal Ice Outfit
Eternal Flames Outfit.png Eternal Flames Outfit
Black Shadow Outfit.png Black Shadow Outfit
Beige Shadow Outfit.png Beige Shadow Outfit
AOT Scout Costume.png AOT Scout Costume
Beiga Shadow Hood.png Beiga Shadow Hood
Black Shadow Hood.png Black Shadow Hood
Blue Shadow Hood.png Blue Shadow Hood
Green Shadow Hood.png Green Shadow Hood
Red Shadow Hood.png Red Shadow Hood
Eternal Ice Hairstyle(M).png Eternal Ice Hairstyle(M)
Eternal Ice Hairstyle(F).png Eternal Ice Hairstyle(F)
Eternal Flames Hairstyle(M).png Eternal Flames Hairstyle(M)
Eternal Flames Hairstyle(F).png Eternal Flames Hairstyle(F)
Red Stylish Hair(M).png Red Stylish Hair(M)
Red Stylish Hair(F).png Red Stylish Hair(F)
Pink Stylish Hair(M).png Pink Stylish Hair(M)
Pink Stylish Hair(F).png Pink Stylish Hair(F)
Grey Stylish Hair(M).png Grey Stylish Hair(M)
Grey Stylish Hair(F).png Grey Stylish Hair(F)
Green Stylish Hair(M).png Green Stylish Hair(M)
Green Stylish Hair(F).png Green Stylish Hair(F)
Brown Stylish Hair(M).png Brown Stylish Hair(M)
Brown Stylish Hair(F).png Brown Stylish Hair(F)
Blue Stylish Hair(M).png Blue Stylish Hair(M)
Blue Stylish Hair(F).png Blue Stylish Hair(F)
Blonde Stylish Hair(M).png Blonde Stylish Hair(M)
Blonde Stylish Hair(F).png Blonde Stylish Hair(F)
Black Stylish Hair(M).png Black Stylish Hair(M)
Black Stylish Hair(F).png Black Stylish Hair(F)
Grey Shadow Mask.png Grey Shadow Mask
Black Shadow Mask.png Black Shadow Mask
Beige Shadow Mask.png Beige Shadow Mask
Eternal Ice Mask.png Eternal Ice Mask
Eternal Flames Mask.png Eternal Flames Mask
Black Royal Lion.png Black Royal Lion
White Royal Lion.png White Royal Lion
Red Mini Dragon.png Red Mini Dragon
Purple Mini Dragon.png Purple Mini Dragon
Chameleon.png Chameleon

February 2021

Image Item
Black Funky Wing.png Black Funky Wing
Blue Funky Wing.png Blue Funky Wing
Yellow Funky Wing.png Yellow Funky Wing
Fire Funky Wing.png Fire Funky Wing
Purple Funky Wing.png Purple Funky Wing
Green Funky Wing.png Green Funky Wing
White Funky Wing.png White Funky Wing
Magical Funky Wing.png Magical Funky Wing
Red Funky Wing.png Red Funky Wing
Ice Funky Wing.png Ice Funky Wing
Wild Elegant Wing.png Wild Elegant Wing
Purple Elegant Wing.png Purple Elegant Wing
Light Elegant Wing.png Light Elegant Wing
Icy Elegant Wing.png Icy Elegant Wing
Demonic Elegant Wing.png Demonic Elegant Wing
Dark Elegant Wing.png Dark Elegant Wing
Classic Elegant Wing.png Classic Elegant Wing
Purple Galaxy Sword Skin.png Purple Galaxy Sword Skin
Yellow Galaxy Sword Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Sword Skin
Purple Galaxy Glaive Skin.png Purple Galaxy Glaive Skin
Yellow Galaxy Glaive Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Glaive Skin
Purple Galaxy Blade Skin.png Purple Galaxy Blade Skin
Yellow Galaxy Blade Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Blade Skin
Purple Galaxy Dagger Skin.png Purple Galaxy Dagger Skin
Yellow Galaxy Dagger Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Dagger Skin
Purple Galaxy Bow Skin.png Purple Galaxy Bow Skin
Yellow Galaxy Bow Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Bow Skin
Purple Galaxy Fan Skin.png Purple Galaxy Fan Skin
Yellow Galaxy Fan Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Fan Skin
Purple Galaxy Bell Skin.png Purple Galaxy Bell Skin
Yellow Galaxy Bell Skin.png Yellow Galaxy Bell Skin
Light Elegant Suit.png Light Elegant Suit
Classic Elegant Suit.png Classic Elegant Suit
Purple Elegant Suit.png Purple Elegant Suit
Icy Elegant Suit.png Icy Elegant Suit
Dark Elegant Suit.png Dark Elegant Suit
Wild Elegant Suit.png Wild Elegant Suit
Demonic Elegant Suit.png Demonic Elegant Suit
Red Necro Outfit.png Red Necro Outfit
Black Necro Outfit.png Black Necro Outfit
White Necro Outfit.png White Necro Outfit
Original Necro Outfit.png Original Necro Outfit
Wild Elegant Mask.png Wild Elegant Mask
Wild Elegant Hair(M).png Wild Elegant Hair(M)
Wild Elegant Hair(F).png Wild Elegant Hair(F)
Purple Elegant Mask.png Purple Elegant Mask
Light Elegant Mask.png Light Elegant Mask
Light Elegant Hair(M).png Light Elegant Hair(M)
Light Elegant Hair(F).png Light Elegant Hair(F)
Icy Elegant Mask.png Icy Elegant Mask
Icy Elegant Hair(M).png Icy Elegant Hair(M)
Icy Elegant Hair(F).png Icy Elegant Hair(F)
Demonic Elegant Mask.png Demonic Elegant Mask
Demonic Elegant Hair(M).png Demonic Elegant Hair(M)
Demonic Elegant Hair(F).png Demonic Elegant Hair(F)
Dark Elegant Mask.png Dark Elegant Mask
Dark Elegant Hair(M).png Dark Elegant Hair(M)
Dark Elegant Hair(F).png Dark Elegant Hair(F)
Classic Elegant Mask.png Classic Elegant Mask
Classic Elegant Hair(M).png Classic Elegant Hair(M)
Classic Elegant Hair(F).png Classic Elegant Hair(F)
Classic Elegant Hair(F).png Classic Elegant Hair(F)
Blond Elegant Hair(F).png Blond Elegant Hair(F)
Blue Hockey Hair(M).png Blue Hockey Hair(M)
Blue Hockey Hair(F).png Blue Hockey Hair(F)
Green Hockey Hair(M).png Green Hockey Hair(M)
Green Hockey Hair(F).png Green Hockey Hair(F)
Greige Hockey Hair(M).png Greige Hockey Hair(M)
Greige Hockey Hair(F).png Greige Hockey Hair(F)
Pink Hockey Hair(M).png Pink Hockey Hair(M)
Pink Hockey Hair(F).png Pink Hockey Hair(F)
White Hockey Hair(M).png White Hockey Hair(M)
White Hockey Hair(F).png White Hockey Hair(F)
White Necro Hood.png White Necro Hood
Black Necro Hood.png Black Necro Hood
Original Necro Hood.png Original Necro Hood
Red Necro Hood.png Red Necro Hood
Angry Dummy.png Angry Dummy
Unseelie Warrior.png Unseelie Warrior
Fire War Horse.png Fire War Horse
Ice War Horse.png Ice War Horse
Blue Archaeopteryx.png Blue Archaeopteryx
Yellow Archaeopteryx.png Yellow Archaeopteryx
Pink Archaeopteryx.png Pink Archaeopteryx

March 2021

Image Item
White Marching Wing.png White Marching Wing
Red Marching Wing.png Red Marching Wing
Marine Marching Wing.png Marine Marching Wing
Brown Marching Wing.png Brown Marching Wing
Red Mantel Wing.png Red Mantel Wing
Green Mantel Wing.png Green Mantel Wing
Black Mantel Wing.png Black Mantel Wing
Darkness Shine Wing(Perm).png Darkness Shine Wing(Perm)
Black Marching Wing.png Black Marching Wing
Purple Marching Wing.png Purple Marching Wing
Yellow Marching Wing.png Yellow Marching Wing
Blue Marching Wing.png Blue Marching Wing
Blue Mantel Wing.png Blue Mantel Wing
Rainbow Shine Wing(Perm).png Rainbow Shine Wing(Perm)
Emerald Sword Skin.png Emerald Sword Skin
Ruby Sword Skin.png Ruby Sword Skin
Emerald Blade Skin.png Emerald Blade Skin
Ruby Blade Skin.png Ruby Blade Skin
Emerald Glaive Skin.png Emerald Glaive Skin
Ruby Glaive Skin.png Ruby Glaive Skin
Emerald Dagger Skin.png Emerald Dagger Skin
Ruby Dagger Skin.png Ruby Dagger Skin
Emerald Bow Skin.png Emerald Bow Skin
Ruby Bow Skin.png Ruby Bow Skin
Emerald Bell Skin.png Emerald Bell Skin
Ruby Bell Skin.png Ruby Bell Skin
Emerald Fan Skin.png Emerald Fan Skin
Ruby Fan Skin.png Ruby Fan Skin
Black Mantel.png Black Mantel
Blue Mantel.png Blue Mantel
Green Mantel.png Green Mantel
Red Mantel.png Red Mantel
Black Marching Suit.png Black Marching Suit
Blue Marching Suit.png Blue Marching Suit
Brown Marching Suit.png Brown Marching Suit
Marine Marching Suit.png Marine Marching Suit
Purple Marching Suit.png Purple Marching Suit
Red Marching Suit.png Red Marching Suit
White Marching Suit.png White Marching Suit
Yellow Marching Suit.png Yellow Marching Suit
Mantel MultiColor Hair(M).png Mantel MultiColor Hair(M)
Mantel MultiColor Hair(F).png Mantel MultiColor Hair(F)
Mantel White Hair(M).png Mantel White Hair(M)
Mantel White Hair(F).png Mantel White Hair(F)
Mantel Red Hair(M).png Mantel Red Hair(M)
Mantel Red Hair(F).png Mantel Red Hair(F)
Mantel Green Hair(M).png Mantel Green Hair(M)
Mantel Green Hair(F).png Mantel Green Hair(F)
Mantel Blue Hair(M).png Mantel Blue Hair(M)
Mantel Blue Hair(F).png Mantel Blue Hair(F)
Mantel Blonde Hair(M).png Mantel Blonde Hair(M)
Mantel Blonde Hair(F).png Mantel Blonde Hair(F)
Mantel Black Hair(M).png Mantel Black Hair(M)
Mantel Black Hair(F).png Mantel Black Hair(F)
Marching MultiColor Hair(M).png Marching MultiColor Hair(M)
Marching MultiColor Hair(F).png Marching MultiColor Hair(F)
Marching White Hair(M).png Marching White Hair(M)
Marching White Hair(F).png Marching White Hair(F)
Marching Red Hair(M).png Marching Red Hair(M)
Marching Red Hair(F).png Marching Red Hair(F)
Marching Green Hair(M).png Marching Green Hair(M)
Marching Green Hair(F).png Marching Green Hair(F)
Marching Blue Hair(M).png Marching Blue Hair(M)
Marching Blue Hair(F).png Marching Blue Hair(F)
Marching Blonde Hair(M).png Marching Blonde Hair(M)
Marching Blonde Hair(F).png Marching Blonde Hair(F)
Marching Black Hair(M).png Marching Black Hair(M)
Marching Black Hair(F).png Marching Black Hair(F)

April 2021

Image Item
Dark Blue Archangel Wings.png Dark Blue Archangel Wings
Dark Green Archangel Wings.png Dark Green Archangel Wings
Dark Red Archangel Wings.png Dark Red Archangel Wings
Black Archangel Wings.png Black Archangel Wings
Blue Archangel Wings.png Blue Archangel Wings
Deep Pink Archangel Wings.png Deep Pink Archangel Wings
Green Archangel Wings.png Green Archangel Wings
Orange Archangel Wings.png Orange Archangel Wings
Pale Golden Archangel Wings.png Pale Golden Archangel Wings
Pink Archangel Wings.png Pink Archangel Wings
Purple Archangel Wings.png Purple Archangel Wings
Red Archangel Wings.png Red Archangel Wings
Skyblue Archangel Wings.png Skyblue Archangel Wings
Turquoise Archangel Wings.png Turquoise Archangel Wings
White Archangel Wings.png White Archangel Wings
Yellow Archangel Wings.png Yellow Archangel Wings
Dark Blue Holy Wings.png Dark Blue Holy Wings
Dark Gold Holy Wings.png Dark Gold Holy Wings
Dark Red Holy Wings.png Dark Red Holy Wings
Glossy Holy Wings.png Glossy Holy Wings
Light Black Holy Wings.png Light Black Holy Wings
Light Blue Holy Wings.png Light Blue Holy Wings
Light Gold Holy Wings.png Light Gold Holy Wings
Light Red Holy Wings.png Light Red Holy Wings
Crystal Earth Sword Skin.png Crystal Earth Sword Skin
Crystal Electric Sword Skin.png Crystal Electric Sword Skin
Crystal Fire Sword Skin.png Crystal Fire Sword Skin
Crystal Nature Sword Skin.png Crystal Nature Sword Skin
Crystal Phantom Sword Skin.png Crystal Phantom Sword Skin
Crystal Shadow Sword Skin.png Crystal Shadow Sword Skin
Crystal Water Sword Skin.png Crystal Water Sword Skin
Crystal Earth Glaive Skin.png Crystal Earth Glaive Skin
Crystal Electric Glaive Skin.png Crystal Electric Glaive Skin
Crystal Fire Glaive Skin.png Crystal Fire Glaive Skin
Crystal Nature Glaive Skin.png Crystal Nature Glaive Skin
Crystal Phantom Glaive Skin.png Crystal Phantom Glaive Skin
Crystal Shadow Glaive Skin.png Crystal Shadow Glaive Skin
Crystal Water Glaive Skin.png Crystal Water Glaive Skin
Crystal Earth Blade Skin.png Crystal Earth Blade Skin
Crystal Electric Blade Skin.png Crystal Electric Blade Skin
Crystal Fire Blade Skin.png Crystal Fire Blade Skin
Crystal Nature Blade Skin.png Crystal Nature Blade Skin
Crystal Phantom Blade Skin.png Crystal Phantom Blade Skin
Crystal Shadow Blade Skin.png Crystal Shadow Blade Skin
Crystal Water Blade Skin.png Crystal Water Blade Skin
Crystal Earth Dagger Skin.png Crystal Earth Dagger Skin
Crystal Electric Dagger Skin.png Crystal Electric Dagger Skin
Crystal Fire Dagger Skin.png Crystal Fire Dagger Skin
Crystal Nature Dagger Skin.png Crystal Nature Dagger Skin
Crystal Phantom Dagger Skin.png Crystal Phantom Dagger Skin
Crystal Shadow Dagger Skin.png Crystal Shadow Dagger Skin
Crystal Water Dagger Skin.png Crystal Water Dagger Skin
Crystal Earth Bow Skin.png Crystal Earth Bow Skin
Crystal Electric Bow Skin.png Crystal Electric Bow Skin
Crystal Fire Bow Skin.png Crystal Fire Bow Skin
Crystal Nature Bow Skin.png Crystal Nature Bow Skin
Crystal Phantom Bow Skin.png Crystal Phantom Bow Skin
Crystal Shadow Bow Skin.png Crystal Shadow Bow Skin
Crystal Water Bow Skin.png Crystal Water Bow Skin
Crystal Earth Bell Skin.png Crystal Earth Bell Skin
Crystal Electric Bell Skin.png Crystal Electric Bell Skin
Crystal Fire Bell Skin.png Crystal Fire Bell Skin
Crystal Nature Bell Skin.png Crystal Nature Bell Skin
Crystal Phantom Bell Skin.png Crystal Phantom Bell Skin
Crystal Shadow Bell Skin.png Crystal Shadow Bell Skin
Crystal Water Bell Skin.png Crystal Water Bell Skin
Crystal Earth Fan Skin.png Crystal Earth Fan Skin
Crystal Electric Fan Skin.png Crystal Electric Fan Skin
Crystal Fire Fan Skin.png Crystal Fire Fan Skin
Crystal Nature Fan Skin.png Crystal Nature Fan Skin
Crystal Phantom Fan Skin.png Crystal Phantom Fan Skin
Crystal Shadow Fan Skin.png Crystal Shadow Fan Skin
Crystal Water Fan Skin.png Crystal Water Fan Skin
Blue Fairy Robe.png Blue Fairy Robe
Dark Fairy Robe.png Dark Fairy Robe
Light Fairy Robe.png Light Fairy Robe
Mustard Fairy Robe.png Mustard Fairy Robe
Navy Blue Fairy Robe.png Navy Blue Fairy Robe
Purple Fairy Robe.png Purple Fairy Robe
Sky-Blue Fairy Robe.png Sky-Blue Fairy Robe
Beige Eclipse Outfit.png Beige Eclipse Outfit
Dark Orange Eclipse Outfit.png Dark Orange Eclipse Outfit
Light Orange Eclipse Outfit.png Light Orange Eclipse Outfit
Light-Blue Eclipse Outfit.png Light-Blue Eclipse Outfit
Purple Eclipse Outfit.png Purple Eclipse Outfit
Red Eclipse Outfit.png Red Eclipse Outfit
MultiColor Eclipse Hair(M).png MultiColor Eclipse Hair(M)
MultiColor Eclipse Hair(F).png MultiColor Eclipse Hair(F)
White Eclipse Hair(M).png White Eclipse Hair(M)
White Eclipse Hair(F).png White Eclipse Hair(F)
Blond Eclipse Hair(M).png Blond Eclipse Hair(M)
Blond Eclipse Hair(F).png Blond Eclipse Hair(F)
Black Eclipse Hair(M).png Black Eclipse Hair(M)
Black Eclipse Hair(F).png Black Eclipse Hair(F)
MultiColor Fairy Hair(M).png MultiColor Fairy Hair(M)
MultiColor Fairy Hair(F).png MultiColor Fairy Hair(F)
White Fairy Hair(M).png White Fairy Hair(M)
White Fairy Hair(F).png White Fairy Hair(F)
Blond Fairy Hair(M).png Blond Fairy Hair(M)
Blond Fairy Hair(F).png Blond Fairy Hair(F)
Black Fairy Hair(M).png Black Fairy Hair(M)
Black Fairy Hair(F).png Black Fairy Hair(F)
White Spectacles.png White Spectacles
Black Spectacles.png Black Spectacles
Rainbow Spectacles.png Rainbow Spectacles
MultiColor Beard(M).png MultiColor Beard(M)
White Beard(M).png White Beard(M)
Dark Squiggly.png Dark Squiggly
Fire Squiggly.png Fire Squiggly
Zinnia.png Zinnia
Fire Hae Tae.png Fire Hae Tae
Earth Hae Tae.png Earth Hae Tae