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Snakefield Header.jpg

FlagNeutral.png Snakefield
Most mobs attack when in range.

In this area you can not access the overview map, the minimap is visible.

All monsters (except the cursed) have extremely high HP for their level and level and make quite a lot of damage.

Interactive Map

Snakefield Interactive Map.png

No metins available on this map
    • Cursed Alpha Blue Wolf
    • Cursed Alpha Wolf
    • Cursed Bear
    • Cursed Blue Wolf
    • Cursed Grizzly Bear
    • Cursed Red Wild Boar
    • Cursed Black Bear
    • Cursed Tiger
    • Cursed Wolf
    • Cursed Grey Wolf
    • Destroyer
    • Giant Rock Golem
    • Ogre Warrior
    • Ogre Butcher
    • Stone Golem (Level 69)
    • Stone Golem (Level 72)
    • Teleporter (245,580)