Spider-Dungeon 1

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Spiders Dungeon Header.jpg

Spider-Dungeon 1
The Kuahlo Dong (also called Spiders Dungeon) is a region with spidery monsters. It resembles the ape dungeon.

Watch out for the Claw Poison Spider, the Proud Soldier Spider and the Queen Spider, because these monsters attack by itself!

Interactive Map

Kuahklo Dong Interactive Map.png

No metins available on this map
  • Baby Poison Spider
  • Claw Poison Spider
  • Deadly Poison Spider
  • Proud Soldier Spider
  • Red Angry Poison Spider
  • Soldier Poison Spider
  • Queen Spider
  • Chuk-Sal (412,391)
  • Mok Memorial (315,161)
  • To Memorial (62,415)