Spider-Dungeon 2

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FlagNeutral.png Spider-Dungeon 2
Spiders Dungeon 2 can be entered with passage tickets through Chuk-Sal NPC in Spiders Dungeon's in the Red Room.

You should not underestimate the mobs since these are much tougher than those you faced in Spiders Dungeon and Yongbi Desert!

(Special bonuses on items,like strong against animals, are useless)

Interactive Map

SpiderDungeon2 map.png

No metins available on this map
  • Claw Poison Spider SD2
  • Deadly Poison Spider SD2
  • Desert Outlaw SD2
  • Red Deadly Poison Spider SD2
  • Scorpion Archer SD2
  • Small Poison Spider SD2
  • Snake Swordman SD2
  • Snake Archer SD2
  • Soldier Poison Spider SD2
  • Queen Spider
  • Pung-Ho (385, 274)