Spider Baroness (Lv. 50)

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Spider Queen's Nest Header.jpg
Spider Baroness (Lv. 50)
  • The Spider Baroness (Lv.50) is the boss room of the Spiders Dungeon 3. Reachable is this about the Gravestone in Spiders Dungeon 3.
  • Can be entered from level 50.
  • To enter the Spider Queen's Nest requires only the group leader a 30324.png.
  • The Spider Baron drops a 30327.png, with this the Spider Baroness can be summoned.
  • After leaving the breeding cave you have to wait 10 minutes until you can enter again.

Spider Queen's Nest Map.jpg

Final Boss Drops
  • 8x 27992.png White Pearl
  • 6x 27993.png Blue Pearl
  • 4x 27994.png Blood Pearl
  • 2x 34003.png Ice Horn
  • 2x 34002.png Fire Horn
  • 6x 34001.png Magical Orb
  • 6x 34000.png Solar Blast
  • 22x 34010.png Poison Marble
  • 4x 71051.png Enhance Add Scroll+
No metins available on this map
  • Best. Baby Poison Spider
  • Best. Claw Poison Spider
  • Best. Deadly Pois. Spider
  • Best. Red Poison Spider
  • Best. Sold. Pois. Spider
  • Spider Baron
  • Spider Baroness
  • Spider Egg
No NPC's available on this map