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Tanaka Banner.jpg

FlagNeutral.png Tanaka Event

Tanaka event is an event that consists of three rounds, on special occasions it might occur that there is an extra round. This event will take place in the first village of each kingdom simultaneously. A staff member will spawn Pirate Tanakas inside the map, near the main square (market place/big safezone).

The person who kills the Tanaka that’s holding the loot (500 NC) will get the reward. Each round, three Tanakas will hold the loot (500 NC).


  • All in-game rules apply to Tanaka event
  • No insults
  • No spam
  • Using bots/hacks isn’t allowed (damage hack, speedhack, …)
  • You are not allowed to interrupt players in the Tanaka Event with PvP.
  • You can only participate in Tanaka in your own kingdom.
Kill the tanaka