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To combine, you need 2x sashes of the same kind, so, let's say for example, you have 2x sashes Basic (1%), you place them and they will get you a 5% one or fail. Then you need 2x 5% ones to get a Noble (10%), and so on, 2x Nobles (10%) will get you a Custom one that goes from 11% to 25%, the bonus generated is random. More Info Here

Bonus Absorption

On this option, you're able to choose an item you switched and aborsve its bonuses into the sash. People usually Black Crow Bow+9 with high average damage, since it is the weapon with most damage. So here, you can either absorve bonuses for PVM and bonuses for PVP, depends on what you need. If you have a 60 Damage bow and a 25% sash, it will absorve 25% of it's damage, so 60 x 0,25 = 15. So you'll have a sash with 15% damage and the 25% absorve from the rest of the bonuses. More Info Here


On trasmutation, you're able to get the skin looking of an item of your desire on another item, let's say, you want to have a Nymph Sword with the looking of a Battle Sword, you put them accordingly to the video below and you'll have all the bonuses and stats from the Nymph, but it will look like a Battle Sword.