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Treasure Box is a special NPC that is found in every main village of every kingdom, it sells costumes, hairstyles, skins, mounts and pets.

The items sold by Treasure Box are monthly and exclusive, so after the month of sale you can get them only through trading with other players.

Treasure box will exchange items for Battle Coins and Yang. Its possible to see the preview of skins by holding ALT , below we have shown the current and past items that are available on Treasure Box


April 2020

Image Item
Supreme Bow Skin.png Supreme Bow Skin
Rebirth Sword Skin.png Rebirth Sword Skin
Fury Bell Skin.png Fury Bell Skin
Desert Rose Sword Skin.png Desert Rose Sword Skin
Dark Dragon Glaive Skin.png Dark Dragon Glaive Skin
Aquatic Dagger Skin.png Aquatic Dagger Skin
Aqua Fan Skin.png Aqua Fan Skin
Wisdom Armour Costume.png Wisdom Armour Costume
Universal Armour Costume.png Universal Armour Costume
Divinal Armour Costume.png Divinal Armour Costume

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July 2020

Image Item
Old But Gold Sword Skin.png Old But Gold Sword Skin
Old But Gold Glaive Skin.png Old But Gold Glaive Skin
Old But Gold Fan Skin.png Old But Gold Fan Skin
Old But Gold Dagger Skin.png Old But Gold Dagger Skin
Old But Gold Bow Skin.png Old But Gold Bow Skin
Old But Gold Blade Skin.png Old But Gold Blade Skin
Old But Gold Bell Skin.png Old But Gold Bell Skin
Old But Gold Armor Outfit.png Old But Gold Armor Outfit
Bandit Sword Skin.png Bandit Sword Skin
Bandit Glaive Skin.png Bandit Glaive Skin
Bandit Fan Skin.png Bandit Fan Skin
Bandit Dagger Skin.png Bandit Dagger Skin
Bandit Bow Skin.png Bandit Bow Skin
Bandit Blade Skin.png Bandit Blade Skin
Bandit Bell Skin.png Bandit Bell Skin
Knuud.png Knuud

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August 2020

Image Item
Fear Sword Skin.png Fear Sword Skin
Fear Glaive Skin.png Fear Glaive Skin
Fear Fan Skin.png Fear Fan Skin
Fear Dagger Skin.png Fear Dagger Skin
Fear Bow Skin.png Fear Bow Skin
Fear Blade Skin.png Fear Blade Skin
Fear Bell Skin.png Fear Bell Skin
Fear Costume(M).png Fear Costume(M)
Fear Costume(F).png Fear Costume(F)
Fear Hat(M).png Fear Hat(M)
Fear Hat(F).png Fear Hat(F)
Almighty Dragon Sword Skin.png Almighty Dragon Sword Skin
Almighty Dragon Glaive Skin.png Almighty Dragon Glaive Skin
Almighty Dragon Fan Skin.png Almighty Dragon Fan Skin
Almighty Dragon Dagger Skin.png Almighty Dragon Dagger Skin
Almighty Dragon Bow Skin.png Almighty Dragon Bow Skin
Almighty Dragon Blade Skin.png Almighty Dragon Blade Skin
Almighty Dragon Bell Skin.png Almighty Dragon Bell Skin

September 2020

Image Item
Black Dragon Sword Skin.png Black Dragon Sword Skin
Black Dragon Glaive SKin.png Black Dragon Glaive Skin
Black Dragon Fan Skin.png Black Dragon Fan Skin
Black Dragon Bow Skin.png Black Dragon Bow Skin
Black Dragon Blade Skin.png Black Dragon Blade Skin
Black Dragon Bell Skin.png Black Dragon Bell Skin
Black Dragon Dagger Skin.png Black Dragon Dagger Skin
42149.png Black Dragon Outfit

October 2020

Image Item
Student's Outfit(M)+.png Student's Outfit(M)+
Student's Outfit(F)+.png Student's Outfit(F)+
Student's Hat(M)+.png Student's Hat(M)+
Student's Hat(F)+.png Student's Hat(F)+
Student's Sword Skin.png Student's Sword Skin
Student's Blade Skin.png Student's Blade Skin
Student's Glaive Skin.png Student's Glaive Skin
Student's Fan Skin.png Student's Fan Skin
Student's Dagger Skin.png Student's Dagger Skin
Student's Bow Skin.png Student's Bow Skin
Student's Bell Skin.png Student's Bell Skin

November 2020

Image Item
Samurai Fighter Costume+.png Samurai Fighter Costume+
White Samurai Helmet.png White Samurai Helmet
Red Ancient Dragon Sword Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Sword Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Sword Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Sword Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Sword Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Sword Skin
Red Ancient Dragon Glaive Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Glaive Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Glaive Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Glaive Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Glaive Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Glaive Skin
Red Ancient Dragon Blade Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Blade Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Blade Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Blade Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Blade Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Blade Skin
Red Ancient Dragon Dagger Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Dagger Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Dagger Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Dagger Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Dagger Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Dagger Skin
Red Ancient Dragon Bow Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Bow Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Bow Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Bow Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Bow Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Bow Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Bell Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Bell Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Bell Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Bell Skin
Red Ancient Dragon Bell Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Bell Skin
Blue Ancient Dragon Fan Skin.png Blue Ancient Dragon Fan Skin
Green Ancient Dragon Fan Skin.png Green Ancient Dragon Fan Skin
Red Ancient Dragon Fan Skin.png Red Ancient Dragon Fan Skin

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December 2020

Image Item
Ascencion Armor Costume.png Ascencion Armor Costume
Ascencion Rune Sword Skin.png Ascencion Rune Sword Skin
Ascencion Solar Glaive Skin.png Ascencion Solar Glaive Skin
Ascencion Tooth Blade Skin.png Ascencion Tooth Blade Skin
Ascencion Element Dagger Skin.png Ascencion Element Dagger Skin
Ascencion Phoenix Bow Skin.png Ascencion Phoenix Bow Skin
Ascencion Dragon Fan Skin.png Ascencion Dragon Fan Skin
Ascencion Ghost Bell Skin.png Ascencion Ghost Bell Skin
Armoured Panda.png Armoured Panda
Polar Predator.png Polar Predator

January 2021

Image Item
Demise Sword Skin.png Demise Sword Skin
Jotun Thyrm Sword Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Sword Skin
Demise Blade Skin.png Demise Blade Skin
Jotun Thyrm Blade Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Blade Skin
Demise Glaive Skin.png Demise Glaive Skin
Jotun Thyrm Glaive Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Glaive Skin
Demise Dagger Skin.png Demise Dagger Skin
Jotun Thyrm Dagger Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Dagger Skin
Demise Bow Skin.png Demise Bow Skin
Jotun Thyrm Bow Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Bow Skin
Jotun Thyrm Fan Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Fan Skin
Demise Fan Skin.png Demise Fan Skin
Jotun Thyrm Bell Skin.png Jotun Thyrm Bell Skin
Demise Bell Skin.png Demise Bell Skin
Jotun Thyrm Outfit(M).png Jotun Thyrm Outfit(M)
Jotun Thyrm Outfit(F).png Jotun Thyrm Outfit(F)
Demise Outfit(M).png Demise Outfit(M)
Demise Outfit(F).png Demise Outfit(F)

February 2021

Image Item
Red Twisted Sword Skin.png Red Twisted Sword Skin
Pink Twisted Sword Skin.png Pink Twisted Sword Skin
White Twisted Sword Skin.png White Twisted Sword Skin
Blue Twisted Sword Skin.png Blue Twisted Sword Skin
Red Twisted Glaive Skin.png Red Twisted Glaive Skin
Pink Twisted Glaive Skin.png Pink Twisted Glaive Skin
White Twisted Glaive Skin.png White Twisted Glaive Skin
Blue Twisted Glaive Skin.png Blue Twisted Glaive Skin
Red Twisted Blade Skin.png Red Twisted Blade Skin
Pink Twisted Blade Skin.png Pink Twisted Blade Skin
White Twisted Blade Skin.png White Twisted Blade Skin
Blue Twisted Blade Skin.png Blue Twisted Blade Skin
Red Twisted Dagger Skin.png Red Twisted Dagger Skin
Pink Twisted Dagger Skin.png Pink Twisted Dagger Skin
White Twisted Dagger Skin.png White Twisted Dagger Skin
Blue Twisted Dagger Skin.png Blue Twisted Dagger Skin
Red Twisted Bow Skin.png Red Twisted Bow Skin
Pink Twisted Bow Skin.png Pink Twisted Bow Skin
White Twisted Bow Skin.png White Twisted Bow Skin
Blue Twisted Bow Skin.png Blue Twisted Bow Skin
Red Twisted Fan Skin.png Red Twisted Fan Skin
Pink Twisted Fan Skin.png Pink Twisted Fan Skin
White Twisted Fan Skin.png White Twisted Fan Skin
Blue Twisted Fan Skin.png Blue Twisted Fan Skin
Red Twisted Bell Skin .png Red Twisted Bell Skin
Pink Twisted Bell Skin.png Pink Twisted Bell Skin
White Twisted Bell Skin.png White Twisted Bell Skin
Blue Twisted Bell Skin.png Blue Twisted Bell Skin
Red Templario Outfit.png Red Templario Outfit
Dragon Mail Outfit.png Dragon Mail Outfit
Green Templario Outfit.png Green Templario Outfit
Blue Templario Outfit.png Blue Templario Outfit

April 2021

Image Item
Brown Desert Bandit Hat+.png Brown Desert Bandit Hat+
White Desert Bandit Hat+.png White Desert Bandit Hat+
Brown Desert Bandit Suit+.png Brown Desert Bandit Suit+
White Desert Bandit Suit+.png White Desert Bandit Suit+
Magic Bird Sword Skin.png Magic Bird Sword Skin
Magic Bird Glaive Skin.png Magic Bird Glaive Skin
Magic Bird Blade Skin.png Magic Bird Blade Skin
Magic Bird Dagger Skin.png Magic Bird Dagger Skin
Magic Bird Bow Skin.png Magic Bird Bow Skin
Magic Bird Bell Skin.png Magic Bird Bell Skin
Magic Bird Dagger Skin.png Magic Bird Dagger Skin