Valentine's Day (2022)

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Valentine's Day (2022)

Valentine's Day (2022): Forum Thread Here Cupid Nova2.png
Start: February 14 - 00:00 ST
End: February 28 - 24:00 ST

Cupid NPC

Find Cupid in any city of your kingdom.

Valentine npc 2022.png

Valentine Crafting

Cupid Crafting.png

Valentine Store

Store valentine 2022.png

Special Chocolate Metin Stones

Special Metin Stones that can be found in various Maps!

Chocolate Metins.png

(Easy) Lvl 90:
Spawns randomly in:
Map2 Villages , Valley of Seungryong, Yongbi Desert, Mount Sohan, Fireland, Akanta Field

(Medium) Lvl 115:
Spawns randomly in:
SD 1 2 3, Ghost Forest, Red Wood, Hwang Temple, Snakefield, AkantaCave

(Hard) Lvl 140:
Spawns randomly in:
Valley of Giants, Grotto 1 and 2, Cape Dragon Fire, Nephrite Bay, Thunder Mountains, Guatama Cliff, Lost Forest, Secret Wood, Mythical Forest


Valentines Heart
Drops from all Chocolate Metin Stones

Chocolate.pngRose (red).png
Chocolate & Rose
Will be dropped from all mobs based on your level and the mob level

Valentine Token
Obtained from completing valentines vocabulary

Valentines Vocabulary

Along with the Chocolate and Roses, you will also drop the Alphabet letters as a common drop anywhere between level 1 and 140.

Valentine MobDrop 2022.gif

The letters you drop can be used to spell words from the list below,
The longer the word the more Valentine Tokens you receive.
Example: Candy would reward you with 5 Valentine Tokens
Valentine Vocabulary 2022 pinkbg.png

Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful