Violent Arachne (Lv. 130+)

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Violent Arachne.png
Violent Arachne (Lv. 130+)
The Violent Arachne belongs to the Farm Maps. This map is accessible from level 130 onwards and is useful to collect some to get items necessary to improve your equipment.

The Violent Arachne spawns every 12 hours, at 12:00 and 24:00 Server Time.

  • Max HP:
  • Damage: 27.410 - 34415
  • Experience: 20.422
  • Gold: 0 - 0
  • Regen 1% every 90 seconds.

Violent Arachne Map.png

Final Boss Drops
  • 1x Refresh Gaya Market.png Refresh Gaya Market
  • 10x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 20x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 30x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 50x Glimmerstone.png Glimmerstone
  • 1x 80007.png Gold Bar (100kk Yang)
  • 1x Ancient Pyramid Ticket.png Ancient Pyramid Ticket
  • 1x White Tower Ticket.png White Tower Ticket
  • 1x Ship Defence Ticket.png Ship Defence Ticket
  • 1x Ghidorah's Nest Ticket.png Ghidorah's Nest Ticket
  • 4x 34251.png Divine stone
  • 7x 34251.png Divine stone
  • 10x 34251.png Divine stone
  • 4x 34232.png Tempestus Theory Book
  • 4x 34233.png Tempestus Ancient Stone
  • 4x 34231.png Tempestus Soul Skull
  • 4x 34227.png Vindicius Theory Book
  • 4x 34224.png Vindicius Ancient Stone
  • 4x 34230.png Vindicius Soul Skull
  • 4x 34226.png Arcane Theory Book
  • 4x 34223.png Arcane Ancient Stone
  • 4x 34229.png Arcane Soul Skull
  • 4x 34225.png Alchemy Theory Book
  • 4x 34222.png Alchemy Ancient Stone
  • 4x 34228.png Alchemy Soul Skull
  • 7x 34232.png Tempestus Theory Book
  • 7x 34233.png Tempestus Ancient Stone
  • 7x 34231.png Tempestus Soul Skull
  • 7x 34227.png Vindicius Theory Book
  • 7x 34224.png Vindicius Ancient Stone
  • 7x 34230.png Vindicius Soul Skull
  • 7x 34226.png Arcane Theory Book
  • 7x 34223.png Arcane Ancient Stone
  • 7x 34229.png Arcane Soul Skull
  • 7x 34225.png Alchemy Theory Book
  • 7x 34222.png Alchemy Ancient Stone
  • 7x 34228.png Alchemy Soul Skull
  • 10x 34232.png Tempestus Theory Book
  • 10x 34233.png Tempestus Ancient Stone
  • 10x 34231.png Tempestus Soul Skull
  • 10x 34227.png Vindicius Theory Book
  • 10x 34224.png Vindicius Ancient Stone
  • 10x 34230.png Vindicius Soul Skull
  • 10x 34226.png Arcane Theory Book
  • 10x 34223.png Arcane Ancient Stone
  • 10x 34229.png Arcane Soul Skull
  • 10x 34225.png Alchemy Theory Book
  • 10x 34222.png Alchemy Ancient Stone
  • 10x 34228.png Alchemy Soul Skull
  • 1x NC Voucher (1000).png NC Voucher (1000)
  • There are no Metins here
  • Violent Arachne
  • There are no NPC here