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Vote4Buff System

The Vote4Buff systems consists in giving a daily buff to the players that take the time to vote in Nova2, making the server well placed in Metin2PServer Rankings. You are allowed to vote every 24h in each character.

How to Vote

To vote first of all you need to log in the account where you want to receive the buff in our Official Website.

When you have your account logged you just need to folow this simple steps:

1º - Click you account ID


2º - Click "VOTE4BUFFS"


3º - Click "VOTE NOW!"


4º - On the windown that opened, complete the reCAPTCHA checkbox and click "Vote!"


5º - Back to our official site, click "I'M DONE WITH VOTES" and wait for the success message

4vote4buff.png 4.5vote4buff.png

6º - Log the account where you received the vote point and click the quest "Vote4Buff" and finally choose the buff you want to receive for the next 24h

5vote4buff.png 6vote4buff.png