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Warrior Male.png

Thanks to their skills, their arming and the ability to wear heavy armor, Warriors play a central role in close combat. They only strive for great physical strength and balanced mind. According to their specialization, they can cause devastating damage with Two-Handed weaponry or can parry the attacks of their enemy with both sword and shield.


  • As 6/7 Bonus we recommend in PvM "Attack Power" & "Strong against Monster" & STR-Buff equipment to boost the "Aura of the Sword".
  • Class specific stats in PvP are "STR" & "DEX".

Warrior Skills

Body Warrior
Image Skill Description
Aura of the Sword.png Aura of the Sword Increases Attack Power for a period of time.
Berserk.png Berserk Only concentrate on attacking.
Dash.png Dash You attack as fast as a Bullet!
Sword Spin.png Sword Spin Spin the sword to attack several enemies.
Three-Way Cut.png Three-Way Cut Cut the enemy with lightning speed.
Life Force.png Life Force You gather every last drop of inner strength and channel the explosive power into a single blow.

Mental Warrior
Image Skill Description
Bash.png Bash Attack enemies directly.
Spirit Strike (W).png Spirit Strike (W) Attack enemies directly.
Strong Body.png Strong Body Increases defence and you won't fall on the ground.
Stump.png Stump Knock over several enemies.
Sword Strike.png Sword Strike Attack enemies directly.
Sword Orb.png Sword Orb You hit the ground with your sword, causing an aura to spread which damages enemies standing nearby.