Guild War (Flag)

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FlagNeutral.png Guild War (Flag)
The guild leader can ask Guild Wars or accept Guild War requests from other guild leader. Both guilds need at least 8 members to perform a guild war.

Once such a guild war has been accepted, each member of the guild gets on his quest scrolls a request, if it wants to join the guild war. If the question is answered with "Yes", you will be automatically teleported into this arena.

Each team must try to take the enemy's flag and bring it to his own. If you manage this, you get a point. The flag is taken by a player on his "back" and looks so similar to a guild logo.

While wearing the flag, that player is a lot slower than the other players. It is therefore necessary that the one who carries the flag, will be protected.

Ongoing guild wars you can visit on the Battle Bailiff as a spectator.

Interactive Map

Guild War (Flag) Map.jpg

No metins available on this map
No monsters available on this map
No NPC's available on this map