Mining Cave (Lv. 30+)

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Mining Cave (Lv. 30+)
The Mining Cave belongs to the Farm Maps. This map is accessible from level 30 onwards and is useful to get minerals to improve and insert slots in your equipment.

To get the minerals you need the Pickax that you can buy from Deokbae in the primary and secondary village of each kingdom. The Pickax is upgradable and earns points every time you use it and when it is ready for improvement it will be written to you in the game chat.

Interactive Map

Template:Mining Cave (Lv.30+ Interactive Map

  • There are no Metins here
  • There are no Monsters here
  • There are no NPC here
Ore Veins
  • Pile of Clams
  • Vein of Diamond Ore
  • Vein of Amber Ore
  • Vein of Fossil Trunk Ore
  • Vein of Copper Ore
  • Vein of Silver Ore
  • Vein of Gold Ore
  • Vein of Jade Ore
  • Vein of Ebony Ore
  • Vein of White Gold Ore
  • Vein of Crystal Ore
  • Vein of Amethyst Ore
  • Vein of Heaven's Tear Ore
  • Vein of Soul Crystal Ore
  • Vein of Ruby Ore
  • Vein of Garnet Ore
  • Vein of Emerald Ore
  • Vein of Sapphire Ore